Home Gauage Pocket

Just got HomeGuage Pocket a couple of days ago and it is preety nice.
Works great in conjunction with my laptop. Anyone else have it.

Hey Ryan,

The HomeGauge PPC version is designed to be used with a Pocket PC like a Dell Axim 51v or other mobile device with pocket version of Windows 5.0. The hand held device is used as a data collector and is designed to be used in conjunction with the laptop or desktop.

I’ve been using it for a week and it is great. Less writing and more tapping. I haven’t used some of the more advanced features yet, but am enjoying it as it reduces the amount of time working on the report. How about you?

Had a little trouble with Bluetooth and still have not figured out how to configure it. Worked the first day and not since. Using USB sync cable now.

As it has been said in previous threads, HomeGauge’s support team is great.

How does it compare to the tablet version of HomeGauge?

Smaller, more portable, my hp iPAQ is 4 1/2 x 2 3/4. If I drop it from a roof it is a lot less expensive to replace, ( not that I would have a tablet up there anyway). Before I used to take notes as to what each picture was with Pocket HG I can create place holders for pictures then put them in with the corresponding defect. The iPAQ also has a bulit in voice recorder if you want to intergrate voice messages.


How does it compare? We’ll, it’s a smaller version. You don’t have the film strip in the right hand margin. The icons are different and reduced in size to fit the screen. You have all of your drop down comments to pick from. I start the report on the Tablet, send the report to the PPC, collect data and then get report from PPC to Tablet in order to complete report and upload. HomeGauge did not intend the HG PPC version to be used by itself. You can make sound recordings in each section as well as take notes.

Ryan, are you using the placeholder feature for photos? I have not tried it but I undersand your camera clock and PPC must have the same time. Is that correct?