Home Gauge Email Notifications

This is a nice new feature. You no longer have to go to the Home Gauge website to check if your clients have viewed your reports. Thanks Home Gauge.:wink:
**Automatic email notices! Now you can get an email each time one of these events occur: **

  • When a report is viewed the first time by a user
  • When a 3rd party views a report
  • When an agreement is agreed to
  • If a report is forwarded and when that person views it

Got one just this morning. Pretty cool huh?

This is another nice feature. I use HG Mobile all the time to view status/manage uploaded reports while I’m out and about. With this feature, HG will automatically let me know :wink:

Also, all of your customer notification emails are now in html. So, your emails can have your logo, picture, different colors, create backgrounds, etc. (If you use TRM, I think the creation of custom html notification email templates will be similar.) “Set it and forget it”:cool:

Good stuff!

Awesome news guys. When Initially chose my reporting software Home Gauge was one of the top choices.

I have used HIP since I started in 2009. It has always had this capability.

ISN allows this with your emails that go out, You can also upload your reports through ISN and receive the read notifications.

Glad to see your guys are catching up with functions that were available to HIP and ISN users 2 - 3 years ago.

Jerking your chain guys, I know that Home Gauge has come out with some great stuff. Some of it ahead of others.

Such a rookie :stuck_out_tongue: Keep paying for those add-ons :wink: (JK-Love messin’ with Hippies;-))

HIP has had notifications since I have been using it .
Good HG is trying to catch up.:slight_smile:

How’s that fancy new camera working for you Bob?

Some of you guys would rather climb a telephone pole just to argue instead of standing on the ground and talking…gonna fight over everything…

Doesn’t all e-mail software out there have the option to get a confirmation sent back to you when the e-mail is opened up by the receiver ?

This option notifies you by email when a client views his report on the Home Gauge site, not when they open they email notifying them that their report is ready.

I understand that Linas…I was just pointing out that most inspectors just e-mail their reports as pdf attachments to their clients and they have the option of getting e-mail verifications as to when they receive the e-mail and when they actually open up the e-mail to look at the report already comes standard in e-mail applications.

Exactly how I do it. I request a read receipt on every email.

However email recipients have the option to not have receipts sent or, to ask first if you want to send a receipt. Requesting it does not mean you will get it. I want verification that the report was actually viewed, not that the email was received.

This morning I received:

  • an email that my report has been viewed by the client
  • an email that the client had forwarded report to a 3rd party
  • an email that the 3rd party has viewed report

This information has always been accessible on my phone with HG Mobile, this is just an additional feature.

The trick is if they save to file notification past first opened is out the Window