Home Gauge

So I finally am deleting 8 years worth of inspection reports on HG that I had stored.

I don’t know why I saved them, over 3000 but had to start deleting. My software was very slow.

Got me thinking how often do you guys delete your reports on your software?

I can do this only one at a time, very slow. Anyone know how to delete faster on HG?

Go to files then hold shift as you right click to select
And continue holding shift as you click again for everything in between to highlight.
That should work on any Content files.

Never, I have every inspection I have done since 1994.

Hi Ray,

I was putting them on a Disc at the end of each year, then delete them from my Laptop…HomeGauge still has them uploaded for Five Years as you know on their Server.

But you’re right, they DO slow the Laptop down when there are thousands of Reports with 10’s of thousands of Pictures.

Lately, the last six months or so, I been deleting them from my Laptop every six months…the Laptop runs much Faster…!

I deleted everything from my old Acer Tablet I bought about 8 years ago a few months ago, that lil Tablet fly’s now with nothing on it except HomeGauge Software.