Home Guage and insurance reports

I use Home Guage for all my residential and commercial inspections and like the system, however, the android system does not have the Florida Citizens Wind and 4 point forms available with it and no one tells you that. Doing 60 to 80 inspections a month I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy 2 and Home Guage android to save time. It does not work. $ 550.00 spent for nothing. Now I am looking for another program. If you do insurance and want to upgrade find something else.

Perhaps you could suggest it to them…

You would think when you bought the software it would be the full report version.It has all the warranty junk with it, but not the reports

I learned a long time ago, never “think” when dealing with venders. :wink:

It is why I designed my own programs and whenever a new form comes out, usually in a day, I have it fully operational.

If you have a pdf filler as an app, you may be able to use one of the pdf fillable forms.

Like this one: http://www.magnuminspections.com/PDF/Revised%204-Point%20Form2_ex.pdf

Thanks Eric, looking for app now for the android

I’m trying to use the PDF form that you helped me create on an android platform. It ain’t happening. Perhaps it’s because it’s been converted to LiveCycle?
Any ideas?

Reece, I am beginning to think ANDROID sucks. Should have bought a windows unit.I can’t find a pdf fill app that will work. It’s hard for an old azz to upgrade.

Qpdf works great on android we also use Homegauge.

Thanks John I appreciate that.

I also use a program called Expert PDF. You can sign right on the device. In my case the galaxy Note2.


I use a Fujitsu tablet with Homeguage. Homegauge has both forms under the forms section, not under templates.

Jorge does your system run on android? Under the forms section The only forms are Radon and Home warranty that are available.

I like being able to sign on the tablet. Saves a lot of paper Thanks

My PDF’s work on my android but can be time consuming. I have a new dell tablet with windows 8. Portable and functions like a computer not that runtime crap in most tablets.

Wayne , do you have the camera on front and what size is it?

Android or the dell?

Your dell

Front and rear camera 10"

USB port,camera card port,carrying case/cover,stylus pen

Are you using the EYEFI card?