Home Head Start Guide

Nick, You Da Man.


Thanks and I hope my box of Guidebooks gets here ASAP.

Youall Have a Great and Prosperous weekend.

Jerry Yost
Golden Rule Home Inspections

Looks really good Nick:D :smiley: :smiley:

Seconded. Another great tool for the arsenal. Thank you :nachi:

Way to go Nick you task master.:twisted: Because of what you do for the NACHI membership, NACHI will always be the leader in the Home Inspection industry. Thanks again for your relentless quest to make NACHI what it is today and tomorrow. I also am looking forward to presenting these to my clients. :smiley:


Can’t wait to get mine…

Thanks, RM

I’ll be ordering soon-
Well worth it; Thanks!

Looks good, shame there was not a box where the inspector could personalize it for themselves.

From the promotional email:

“Make sure you staple your business card to the packet for future referrals so they know it came from you!”

Did you receive an Email about these? I have not.

Is there something we are supposed to do to make sure we receive some? Other then just say we want them on the message board? I have done that.

I was thinking something more like this on the back, where an ink-stamp could be employed.


Jason and others,
This first issue is just a trial run in a few selected states- if all goes well this will go national next year. Make sure you all have your contact information updated in the system and you will not be left out!!:slight_smile: Thanks