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Does this newsletter service infer within the content that it’s coming from an inspector? I’d like to use this service for my warranty management company but I don’t want the recipients to know that I’m also an inspector. Is it just general maintenance recommendations/industry news or does it talk about home inspection information as well?

No. See for yourself HomeHints

Looks nice. The reason I ask is that the sample newsletter on John’s site starts with “Recent surveys by U.S. and Canadian home inspectors resulted in a list of the most frequently found problems in the homes they have inspected…”. I was curious if that type wording is used consistently or rarely?

Well yes, but the part that shows it comes from an inspector (left column) is variable…you put what you want. In your case just say whatever is appropriate for the warranty mgmt company. References to home inspections specifically is rare I would say.


So the entire left column is 100% customizable?

No…just those parts that are specific to your company.

You can’t remove the bottom blurb about referrals?

Not to my knowledge…why would you want to? You might call John and talk to him about that though.

The recipients aren’t my clients. I sent John an email earlier, just checking in with users here. Thanks for the info.

For those that use this service, do you notify the client/agent in advance that they’ll be receiving the newsletter or do you simply add email addresses as you go?

I generally tell each person I have met I will send them my News Letter. Most people are receptive and like it. Those that do not opt out. no biggie. :smiley:

I do not add new people as often as I should though. :frowning: