Home Inspection Business Course Discussion

This message board thread is dedicated to students who are currently enrolled in the free, online Home Inspection Business Course provided by the only home inspector college at www.internachi.edu.

Students of the course may post questions and join in the discussion.

If you need help, feel free to reach out to the Education Team at education@internachi.org.


Looking to get started


Started today. Thank you!

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Starting now

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Fantastic, @mwilliams76, @rdemelo, and @dsiciliano2. I really like this course. It’s the best Home Inspection Business Course out there. And it’s free. And it’s online. And it’s actually open to everyone (members and non-members alike). No one does it better than InterNACHI®.

If you have any questions about business and marketing, please post them here or email:


I’m ready to start this course

Let’s do it! @jlarue

I started my classes almost 1 year ago. now i have only 4 classes left and my 4 mock inspections left.
Just found the business class so lets get started. NEW ME AND READY TO GO AAND GROW

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Great to hear, @cconley6. Be sure to check out the first five steps at 15 Steps to Become a Successful Home Inspector - InterNACHI®.

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Chugging along

Nice, @wjackson5. If you need anything, just email me at ben@internachi.org or we’re all on the Contact InterNACHI page

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Will Do, I just need 1 thing. I am in need of a letter of occupancy to get my state business license. I am in a special place. I live in an RV and have been for the past 3 years. hurricane Michael pushed me to GA. I have a home in FL. help. 8508962395 please

Looking to get a great start

Been a member for 2 months and finding so much great information each time I log on. I’m taking my time to soak in all the information but enjoying every bit of it so far!

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Looking forward to this course :slight_smile:


Great to hear. Thanks for posting. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to your Education Team at Contact InterNACHI or education@internachi.org.

My favorite part in this course is Chapter 11.

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Looking forward to the course

Great to hear, @asnyder6. Have fun. Your Education Team is at education@internachi.org for anything education.

Been in business for 3 years now, but just thought a little refresher course would be good.

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Great to hear, @kschniederjan.