"Home Inspection Business Course"

Hello, everyone, I am looking very forward to obtaining additional certifications and finally making my way to becoming a "Certified Master Inspector. I really appreciate this organisation!! THANKS BEN!!

Thank you, sir!

I am starting the home inspector business course. I have only finished the roof and electrical inspection courses. Does anyone have advise on taking this course? Should I take it by itself or take it on and off with my other courses? Or should I just wait to take it after I finish the inspection courses.

Starting to take the course today. I’ve been able to get a few jobs, but not enough that will pay the bills. What I find from many realtors is that they have their go to inspectors that they have been using for years, so it’s hard getting my foot in the door. I have my website designed, advertising on facebook and craigslist, and visiting open houses so I can talk to realtors.

Watching Ben now on a webinar. Heard him say there were business courses. So, I am taking it soon!

Brand new to learning business!
Recently licensed in NC
Learning all I can through Internachi. Problem is, I haven’t been consistent!

Here’s to consistency!

Every time I think I may a little something I stumble onto another giant course of knowledge. This Inspector Business Course is no exception. I’m really so grateful to be a part of InterNACHI.