Home inspection class for Realtors in Jefferson City, Missouri

The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors (TAMHI) and Braun’s Inspection Services is holding a class for real estate agents/brokers approved for 3 hours of continuing education credits with the Missouri Real Estate Commission on August 26, 2009. This class entitled "Home Inspection, Radon, and Household Drug Pollution Essentials is being taught by our very own NACHI member Mark Nahrgang.
TAMHI and I are really thankful that Mark is taking the time out of his busy schedule to teach this class.
Because of the overwhelming response from Realtors about this class, we will be moving the class to the Truman Hotel in Jefferson City. Free soft drinks and snacks will be provided.
This class is open to all Missouri InterNACHI and/or TAMHI members, who would like their Realtors to attend the class also. Please feel free to contact me at jbraun@mo.nachi.org .

What time??

August 26, 2009 1:00-4:00p.m.

I would like to think Nick, Ben and Lisa for sending the free http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/marketing-and-promotional-items.aspx and the free http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/now-that-youve-had-a-home-inspection-book.aspx
to hand out to the Realtors at the class. If I can just get the Realtors to hand information to their clients, I will be buying some more.
I also bought some http://www.nachi.org/environmentalconcernsbook.htm to hand out. I have been including them in my inspection binders http://certifiednachistore.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_ID=21&ParentCat=1&CFID=8746559&CFTOKEN=13961897 for the last couple years. Will most likely be switching to these presentation kits http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/inspecting-the-world-report-presentation-kit.aspx when I run out. I get a lot of compliments about InterNACHI presentation material. NACHI ROCKS!

Can I attend?

Absolutely. Bring your favorite real estate salesmen.

Someone needs to buy the donuts… :mrgreen:

Give me the name of a donut shop close and if I can make it I will be glad to buy some how many do you think.

Sorry. It is cereal, bananas, apples, or berries for me for breakfast.

I was told by the coordinator that there are over 40 registrants. They had to move the venue to a local hotel because the class got too big for their own training center.

Dunkin Donuts- Start with 40 dozen. Could you stop by Home Depot and get all the knee pads they have in stock and then check in the lawn and garden dept. for some of these ?? Thanks Terry;)

Bring lots of napkins…Please hurry!!!

Before too many others get it totally wrong as Mr. Dapkus has, this meeting is far from a schmooze.

The Alliance of Missouri Home Inspectors is opposing a licensing bill that is presently being prepared for submission by the Missouri Association of Realtors.

Knowing, as we have learned in previous years, that the majority of Missouri realtors are typically unaware and uninvolved in this push, we are providing a free training course to get them in one spot…and to educate them on why we oppose what their association is doing. The Missouri Association of Reators is awarding CEUs for attending this course.

Ideally, we will be able to recruit some of them to actually become members of our alliance and stand with us in Jefferson City as we block yet another attempt to push a licensing bill where there is (1) no demonstrated need, (2) no building codes/enforcement of building codes in the majority of the state’s counties, (3) no licensing or registration of electricians, plumbers, or hvac techs and (4) no licensing or registration of building contractors.

James Braun has taken the lead on this project and has done an excellent job of coordinating what appears to be a very large event. Its success will be determined by how well the realtors remember TAMHI at the start of the next Missouri congressional session.

Since most of the Realtors that meet with the state congress members are from Jefferson City, it is important that the Realtors are familiar with TAMHI in an event in Jefferson City. This is only the first step in TAMHI’s plan to educate Realtors.
TAMHI hopes to have other classes throughout the state with the help of local inspectors like you and NACHI. Your influence as a local inspector will get the Realtors to attend these events.

TAMHI and Braun’s Inspection Services is paying for the soft drinks and snacks at this event. For some reason Missouri Real Estate Commission will not allow a meal to be served.

Any NACHI or TAMHI inspector can attend, just let me know if you are coming. You can contact me at jbraun@mo.nachi.org or call (573)761-3581. Also bring some real estate agents with you.

The class just got over. The lady that runs the local board office just emailed and thanked me for the class being such a big success. 63 Realtors attended which is one of their biggest CE classes ever. Some of the biggest real estate brokers even showed up. We would have had a bigger crowd if it was held in the winter months and if it was the following year when most of the Realtors needed the CEs to renew their license.
Mark did a get job, and Realtors really responded to well to what Mark had to say. He is a natural teacher. TAMHI and me really appreciate him volunteering his time.
We also would like to thank Autum Sargisian (a fellow NACHI member) for helping out and giving away a free home energy audit and radon testing.
And again we will like to thank NACHI for the free books and brochures that was handed out at the event.
If any inspector would like to hold an similar event in their area of Missouri, TAMHI would be glad to assist. You can contact me at jbraun@mo.nachi.org .

Congratulations, James. Thanks, Mark and Autum.

You helped us to plant a seed, today, that will grow to give us much shade in the days ahead when we need it most.