Home inspection course in California

I am looking to change careers at the age of 56 ,from residential building contractor (25 years) to Home inspections in California.Since there is no license requirements in California I’m looking for the most recognized school (or online course) to go to that will give me the most valuable education and respect.Allied home inspection course is recognized by NACHI and so is Kaplan school home inspection course.Any information or comments about such schools will be most welcomed.Thank you.
Gary Ribeira


My advice is to stay right where you are. InterNACHI and NACHI.TV provide the best training and education available. It’s all right here. http://www.nachi.org/education.htm This is a huge library of excellent training courses. And most of the courses are of no cost to members.

My advice is to not seek “respect” by taking a particular training course. I believe that you will earn respect from your clients and your peers by demonstrating and applying the knowledge that you already have and that which you will attain (no matter where the training and education comes from). Take a training/education course, because it is right for you, it is valuable to you, and it is what you need.

Frankly, if you are able to fulfill the requirements of being an InterNACHI member, you have my respect. http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm

Congratulations on your new career.

If you need any help, ben@nachi.tv.

Kaplan has a good course. I went to their Vegas school. Better get in quick. They have closed all but their Colorado and SoCal schools for advanced HI courses. They will be going the internet / distance learning route. If you have truly been an active residential contractor for 25 years, you may do ok with the distance learning courses. But if you haven’t personally seen or touched all the items we inspect, you should take actual classroom education. Maybe just your weak spots, but classroom nevertheless.