Home Inspection Dangers in Phoenix

Video here

This just proves licensing solves nothing.

Did I miss something?? A lady bought a house and then made some repairs?

Very difficult to believe the inspector didn’t recommend roof repairs.

She’s bitchin cause it needed more repairs than the 'spector led her to believe.

So, “SHE” says. :wink:

X-actly :roll:

Hey Brian, how could you miss the repairs on the roof?:mrgreen::twisted:

One word Marcel… Peyote’ !!!

Get two inspections - I like that idea!

I thought the inspector in the video did a nice job with the interview. Didn’t say anything outlandish.

Looks like A$HI has been hitting the media hard in the Phoenix area because this is the second story where A$HI is toted the best in about the last six months.

Because this area of the message board is open to the public, and this news is from Phoenix. I did not inspect the residence shown in the news.

Im going to use his quote “buying a house isnt like buying a can of beans” :mrgreen::twisted: