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The NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter is continously growing. Our Dictionary now contains over 1,200 different definitions and terms. For a limited time this dictionary is being made available to anyone for FREE. Soon it, along with our CE pages and Building Code Pages may be password protected for NACHI National Chapter Members Only. Soon we will begin our searchable building code and other standards data system. (This will be available to members of the NACHI National Chapter, ONLY).

NACHI National Chapter is open and available to anyone. You need not be a NACHI member to join. Affiliate membership is available.

Enjoy: Dictionary Search

Great John- Happy Holidays!

Hello John,

When you go to the web site there seams to be a problem with the link

Thanks Carl. I made a direct link. It’s actually located on another site of mine. I’ll have to work out the bugs.

Excellent…outstanding…wonderful…only thing that would make it better would be if the Dictionary link worked. :mrgreen:

Hi. John;

Just tried your Dictionary Search to see and found out that the first things that came to my mind did not quite come out right.

Maybe I am using it wrong or not updated properly to date.
Curious at this point and this is what I asked the Dictionary.

Flying Buttress= no records

Relieving angle= multiple wrong answers

Brick ledge = wrong answer

C answer

Concrete reinforcement= wrong answer

What am I doing wrong?

Appears to only recognize the one words at command.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You have too much experience and are too complex, Marcel.

Please revert to previous basic intelligence. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stuff, John!!!

I nominate John Bowman as member of the year…!!!
My hat is off to you John. That took a lot of work.

Marcel and anyone else,

Send me words or phrases with definitions and I will add them. I have probably 3,000 (Guessing) more to add yet.

Hi. John;

Here are a few that I gathered and hope it helps.

Use what is of value and trash can what you do not need I guess.

The preservative treatment of wood, metals, and piping systems.

rod buster
An iron worker.
Someone whose knowledge is limited exclusively to what he sees on television. For example, someone who tells you how to frame a house because he saw Bob Vila do it on an episode of ‘Home Improvement’ and now he’s an expert.
PRISM: A small masonry assemblage made with masonry units and mortar. Primarily used to predict the strength of full scale masonry members.

RACKING: A method entailing stepping back successive courses of masonry.

SOFT-BURNED: Clay products which have been fired at low temperature ranges, producing relatively high absorptions and low compressive strengths.

high chair
A heavy, wire, vaguely chair-shaped device used to hold steel reinforcement off the bottom of the slab during the placement of concrete.

Relieving Angle
Steel angle installed and anchored to the structure to interrupt the brick façade at each floor level and weight distributed to the structer.

Flying Buttress
A buttress is a support – usually brick or stone – built against a wall to support or reinforce it. A flying buttress is a free-standing buttress attached to the main structure by an arch or a half-arch.

**convoluted **

  1. Having numerous overlapping coils or folds: a convoluted seashell.
  2. Intricate; complicated: convoluted legal language; convoluted reasoning.
    Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks…Today the number of terms went over the 1,400 mark, and I know I have maybe 3,000 or more to go with just what I have. The internet is inundated with definitions.

What’s nice about this one is that you can type in a general term (such as air or vent) and several terms are shown, along with their definitions. When done I can forsee someone actually getting an education by just carousing the terms.

Nick just notified me a little while ago that he liked it. I offered its use for all through NACHI. If he does that I will not password protect it. However other search engines that are being worked on will be password protected for NACHI National Chapter Members only. Those search engines will be geared around Suggested Narratives, Defect Recognition, Inspection Procedures and Codes. (Sort of an entire Home Inspection course on Search)…


I’m sure you have many resources but here’s a site with over 100 construction and real estate glossaries.

I think some are even in Canadian :wink:


Everyone have a safe and great holiday!

That sounds excellent John, and I agree that it will provide a good learning tool on the verbiage side.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Enjoy: Dictionary Search

Now over 1500 terms and definitions and growing.

Thanks for reminding me, I’ve been going to join the National Chapter but keep forgetting to, I just pay pal’d my dues.


Welcome. It’s a fantastic time to join. Plans are being finalized to present our first “on-line” type of training/seminar for either the end of January or beginning of February. Dr. Bill Merrill of Merrill Institute and I are pounding out the details. This training/seminar will be “FREE” to a select group. NACHI National Chapter members are included. I can’t wait to see this in action. I expect nothing but greatness from this.

PS - Lewis check out the Members section. You have been added.

Enjoy: Dictionary Search

Over 1600 entries and growing.


I am excited about this, and we should have our first meeting
by the end of this month- John Bowman will be a moderator after
the actual preentation to discuss any questions. It will be in a
format that you could download the materials to review them after
the fact. Sign up and be ready for a new delivery method for a
National Chapter meeting.

Thanks John for letting members know about it!