Home Inspection Florida

**Inspectorocity **is the premier consumer directory for finding building inspectors across the nation. It is the only site that allows you to not only find multiple inspectors in a single place, but allows you to view their qualifications, experience, years in business, memberships and much more.


Inspectorocity sounds as similar to Travelocity as CertifiedPreOwnedListings does to www.MoveInCertified.com. What’s next… Googly.com ? Yahooper.com ?

It’s cheap. Only $649 a year for the Platinum Package which includes an automated Brinks delivery for all that money that is gonna roll in. Hurry, time is running out!!!

LOL…I laughed pretty hard at this. thanks, man!

I also heard that they pay big money for your services. I know someone that did a 3600 sq foot home for him and made $200 for his time. But that person has done a lot of inspections this month.

I heard they are launching eebay.com too :smiley: .

He told me they were going to join OuterNACHI!

Damn, its so effective they take an obscene payment up front, instead of luring you in with a free opt-in and take a cut off of each of the countless number of inspections you will land …

Blaine… LOL.