Home inspection helper

Was doing a practice inspection at a friends house and this little girl wanted to tag along for the whole thing!!

She looks more observant than some of the Inspectors we have here! :lol::lol:

Just don’t close her up in the attic. That’s my biggest fear in a house with free range dog toys.

We did an inspection signs every where two cats do not let them out .
Two cats do not let them get in the attic .
End of the inspection we could only find one cat looking every where .
I was caring out my tools and there is a cat asleep on the deck chair .
Put the cat in the house it went to its bed and curled up .
When the house owner came home she had three cats .
Fortunately the one out side was a sister to the house cat and visited frequently .
We where fortunate it was not a bad cat .

Oh my gosh! What a good laugh, you guys are funny!