Home Inspection in Houston Texas

So how are things in Riverview?

My Parents lived down the road in Apollo Beach (looks like housing prices are still pretty low compared to what they were a few years ago). I always liked it out that way (it used to be a blast catching snook in the canals). My son will be stationed at McDill AFB when he graduates OTS in December, so I’ll be making trips out that way again soon.

1954 house with wiring that is not upgraded. No comment regarding absence of AFCI protection in the electrical section as required by TREC, among other things not identified in the electrical section. TREC has found inspectors negligent for not commenting on rust on dishwasher racks. What would they say about that?

The reports I’ve done for 1950’s homes in this area probably average around 30 pages. This report was five.

My guess is that there are most likely numerous deficiencies in this home that were not reported on. But you are right Mike, you really can’t tell unless the house is inspected by someone else.

Unlikely this 1954 home is as clean as indicated by this report.


I’ve seen several 50 era homes in great condition around these parts and I’m very picky on what I report on. Just did a condo the other day not 50’s however it was 23 yrs old and I could only find 4 defects. The owners simply took care of the home. Now if this guy isn’t following the TREC SOP then that’s another story. IMO he’s simply not writing enough. Especially about the FPE panel. I didn’t read the entire report however he seems to me to be realtor friendly and from all the research I’ve done many are like him IMO.

Thank you for the link to check the License.
He was suspended in 2003 for failing to report issues.


She paid $325 for the inspection -

I’ve given my niece directions to this link.
I just pray she reads all your thoughtful and knowledgable comments and information.

Again - you guys have been wonderful!!
Our NACHI family is truely a blessing

Actually he did say that ARCH fault breakers are not installed. Whatever those are…