Home Inspection Insurance Question

Hi guys,

For my Canadian inspectors in Ontario, who are you using for home inspecting insurance…?

I’ve been with HUB since 2014 and wanted to explore other options.

For those who are not doing inspections currently bc of COVID-19 are you cancelling your home inspecting insurance…?

Thanks in advance.

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Can’t help on the insurance (I’m in MI) but…

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Don’t really know if he can help or not, but here’s the guy I would contact

Gilles R. Larin,
2016 InterNACHI Member of the Year .
Certified Master Inspector
National Home Inspector Certification #378;
IAC2 Certified #IAC2-00-9310
Certified Thermographer Level II

Thank you very much Marc!

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Afternoon, Sean. Hope this post finds you well.
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Thanks for pointing that out Larry.

HUB International has a long and well developed and established history with home inspectors/home inspection industry nationwide.
Moreover, HUB International are insurance brokers. The reasoning individuals go through insurance brokers is that, broker pricing is often much better than direct insurance pricing.
Have you tied a direct insurance provider?

From what I understand, typically/usually changing an insurance company midstream for no apparent reason can have negative effects to which I will leave at that.
Question. Why are you considering changing insurers? Awaiting your answer.

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