Home Inspection Intelligence/Tracking Software

Who offers the best with the most features and benefits, price notwithstanding? What I had is no longer supported so I need to shop.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Maintain an intelligence d-base to track where my work takes place, the source the work comes from, the $ value of the referral source, etc., etc.

Home inspection business management software.

What is measured improves.

I am waiting to see what Dale thinks.

What Bob said, inspectionsupport.net is your answer.

Look into 3D with its Office Managment


Condo Bob! I knew I could get a great answer from you!

http://www.inspectionsupport.net/ sounds like exactly what I am looking for: Management Software to efficiently work on my business as opposed to working in my business. I can’t wait to dive into this tomorrow.

All kidding about the weather aside, I sincerely thank you!

I know nothing about this place so Buyer Beware.
Bob reports -You decide.:slight_smile:

Hi Pete (et al):

Chris Schuld here, as Dominic said in the other post, I am ISN’s geek (we have a few great geeks)! :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions on the ISN. It has awesome business tracking… also, if you can get the information out of your current solution we can load it for you. Thus, when you start using ISN it has all of your information in it already. Right away it starts providing you that business information! We just setup someone who had five years of information in Excel and now it looks like they have been using the ISN for the last five years!

If you have any questions let us know!

Thanks, Chris

Hey Chris ,your tipping over fella.:cool:

What are you using now that is not being supported ? Is it from a person named Mike down there in Florida ?
We also have an office system that does a lot of scheduling and tracking. Let us know if you want us to send any information to you on it.

Pete, from HomeGauge’s report toolbar you can select the Office drop down box, and then select Report Stats. You can then select a date range and create bar graph reports based on; Inspections per month, Inspections by City, Inspections by Zip Codes, Total Fees per Month, Total Fees per Service, Inspections by Lead Source, Mileage per Month, etc. This is just a feature that is built into the program.

I like to look at the reports to compare activity and trends over a couple of years.

We are adding a new service to our HG Services next month callled TRM “Time Release Messaging” where you can set email templates to be sent to your buyers based on when you uploaded the report. In 3 months send them this letter in 6 months this letter and so on. It’s all included in the HG services yearly fee which means no per report fee.

Its featured in this months HG News Alert http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/shgi/newsalerts.html