Home Inspection Legislation

Agreed, your point has been the motivating factor for me to have kept track of some of this and provide updates here. And you are correct, I’ve been told that CREIA has been taking steps, although and again, mine has been in hopes for fair and balanced input from all sides. Another point, I see what members spend for training/license qualification for Florida and can’t help but think there aren’t millions of dollars on the line with a market as large as California.

Thanks for the updates Tim.

For anyone that performs inspections in CA…here are the results of the vote:

AB-1357 Home inspectors: roofing contractors: roof inspections

04/25/17 (PASS) Asm Business and Professions 13 0 3 Do pass as amended and be re-referred to the Committee on [Appropriations]
Ayes: Bloom, Brough, Chiu, Dahle, Eggman, Gipson, Grayson, Holden, Irwin, Low, Mullin, Steinorth, Ting
No Votes Recorded: Arambula, Baker, Cunningham

Nick stated that this was poorly written and going to be changed but now it looks like it passed. And the wording looks the same to me.

With 1300 members here paying for membership, we should get some updates. Hate to join CREIA just to keep up on government legislation.

Yeah, right?

In Missouri we’ve successfully fought off the vultures since 2002 … 15 Yrs

In Kansas we fought it since 2004 … Then had a few ASHIE members help realtors push it through in about 2008 (4 yrs). We went back to fighting it and got the Kansas Governor to quash it in 2013 (thats another 4 yrs) cause it had a sunset provision and it had the help of the ASHI Chair of the Home Inspectors Board in KS … Jeff Barnes.

Even if it goes through in another 2-3 yrs, Its been a good fight by the right crew

Remember The Alamo

Here is the proposed bill: "SECTION 1. Section 7196.2 is added to the Business and Professions Code, to read:

7196.2. A home inspector shall be a licensee of the Contractors’ State License Board pursuant to Chapter 9 (commencing with Section 7000)."

If I am reading this correctly, any type of contractors license would meet this requirement. Or would the state create a new license type for inspectors?

If this was to pass, I wonder if there would be much lead time before the law would go into effect. If the lead time was very short, or if the new rule was effective immediately, that would be disastrous for current home inspectors which do not hold contractors licenses and it would be difficult on the real estate market if the home inspection aspect of due diligence became a major bottleneck.

I am going to email Nick directly to see if they are aware of this bill. I will post any reply.

I got a very quick reply: “We’re on it. They are considering an entire new license. Generally we have 1.5 years leeway before enacted.”

Thank you for the update.

Time to study again.

Thanks Tim, I believe the pool barrier bill passed. I’ll have to check the last download on this issue, but it appears to have the same language.

It looks like the pool barrier bill is working its way through the system but is not law yet. It looks to me like it was passed by the state senate and has been moved to the state assembly. If it passes there, then it would need to be signed into law by the governor.

Here is current status: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billHistoryClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180SB442

Here is a page that describes the process: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/bil2lawx.html

I may be exempt as well.

Thank you.

Well, given he’ll sign just about anything, that’s a given. :shock:

Looks like the Roofing Legislation is moving forward, I’m not aware of any or at least recent input from HI associations… portion of legislation passed and re-referred to committee


The swimming pool law is still moving forward… the intention is that when a home inspection is done and as part of the transfer, it will be mandated to identify 2 of the seven features


The home inspection licensing law hasn’t changed status… you can view below


Well, I already have a Contractors license. I wonder if they will create another category.

I do as well. I would assume a combination of additional class and/or grandfathering as there has been a statement in regards to those who are not a GC PE etc in prior versions of B&P. No clue really as a path for such has not been made clear in legislation. I’d have thought Associations would jumped on that to ensure a stake as it is probably a money maker, but haven’t heard.

Seems ludicrous all these are moving forward with no word from any of the inspection associations or even a word from the California Realtors Association.

Maybe we need to create an inspector association to lobby. :wink:

Just saying if the Legislature proposes anything that may affect Realtors, Real Estate transactions, or the cost of owning a home, I hear about it through the Real Estate boards via a million emails and FB posts.

But these topics? Nada.