Home inspection needed in Syracuse, NY.

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[size=4][size=4]I am interested in having my home inspected for “pre-sale” purposes. My house has a brick and marble exterior and a lot of ceramic tile, marble and terrazzo inside. The house is about 39 years old. The house consists of 3,000 sq ft of living space as well as a full partially finished basement.
My house is located on Rosemary Lane, (off McDonald Rd.)
i know that there are several items that should be taken care of before selling the house.

What would your basic charge be for an inspection and when could it be done?
Please contact me by e-mail bjior268@alo.com](http://www.nachi.org/forum/) or telephone 475-0214
Thank you for your information.

Barbara Iorio

Thank You for the lead, I sent them an e-mail.

Tim Horan

Horan Home Inspection Inc.