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Hello, all. I am FINALLY on my last step to receiving my license. I’ve got quite a bit to go on the business end yet to do.

I am overwhelmed at the inspection report options. Here is my deal : I still work full-time at my telco job of 25 years. 5 years until retirement. I am starting this as a part-time business until I can retire and then wait another 6 years for my wife to retire. For the time being, I only plan to do this on weekends for a while. I do not need this elaborate/collaborative/integrating software. Just something simple and clean for someone who has never done this before, doesn’t have $1000+ to dump into the software, and isn’t trying to take over the industry. Any cost-effective options out there for a newbie weekend warrior who is not too terrible tech savvy?

Ignatius, member Kenton Shepard put this together to help people choose software. Many give free sample reports to fill out to get the feel for them. If they don’t say so, ask…and good luck.



That was helpful. I had no idea you could pay per report. That sounds like the direction I should be heading for the time being.

Thank you so much, Larry!


Pay per report. Easy to use, nice reports.

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If you want, PM or email me and I will send you a Inspection Report form that you can use until you decide on software.

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When I started there were not many options on report writing. I made MS Word templates from information I deemed pertinent from what I saw in other inspectors reports.

There was no mandatory HI Licensing requirements back then. Today however, most states require what must go in your report or you have a NACHI SOP here. Put every requirement from the pertinent SOP you will follow in your template. You will insure you cover everything required of you, then you add below that anything else you want to comment on. MS Word allow charts, grafts, pictures, videos just like the big report software, just takes a little longer.

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Thank you!

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