Home inspection sample report......


Not shtting on this, just trying to open a few brain cells, got MILK?

Example of WRONG commentary imo…
Page 8… and Page 14…

Photo’s 5 and 6 on page 8, 5 looks like damproofing

Photo 36 on page 14

Home inspector says, basement wall is bowed in… shows cracks above grade. Recommends cracks be sealed WIFF a silicone based cement sealer…?

Hmmmm, appears he means the cracks ABOVE grade as he does NOT say/recommend to… hand dig, waterproof and backfill correctly…eh.

Sealing the cracks above grade doesn’t seal/waterproof any exterior cracks BELOW grade and umm, there ARE cracks below grade… got dat?

The wall is bowed in, knock knock.

Photo 36 he states, ‘surface (basement wall) recently sealed and painted WIFF Drylok, NO cracks presently shwoing’…???

Dude, there ARE cracks on the exterior of the stupid block basement wall!

The paint etc ONLY hides/conceals any cracks that show INSIDE, and doesn’t “SEAL”

The HI’s who claim/report on their inspections shtt like, ‘NO evidence of water intrusion in basement’, really should be more careful/thorough for their sake and their clients.

Just because an HI did not see any visual signs of water in basement does NOT at all mean there aren’t existing cracks, leaks etc… cmon baby.

Paint, patching cracks and then painting them (as in Photo 36 eh) can conceal/hide quite a few existing cracks/DEEEEEfects.

So can paneling, drywall, carpeting, area rugs etc etc soooo, just because an HI did not see any water stains/problems in a basement, the 1/2 hour/whatever he was down there, doesn’t mean a dang thing.

Duh, maybe it wasn’t raining that day or hadn’t rained in a friggin week.

Not all cracks in basement walls leak/seep every time it rains, helllllo.

an interior basement system previously installed, basement still leaks, efflorescence etc on walls PAINTED over

That white crap paneling inside system co’s place against part or all of basement wall can hide/conceal deteriorated blocks like this…

That white crrrap paneling inside system love to place against basement walls will also HIDE/CONCEAL shifting, horizontal cracks like this…

if there is carpet or an area rug, do ya move a little bit of it and take a peek, huh?

Right right, some of us understand you do not have Superman vision, none of us do either.
Not saying you have the easiest job in duh world either but jesus, can’t ya learn/understand a bit more instead of pretending/assuming you know most or all there is on this subject, huh.

What was behind the drywall?

Closer look…

No, don’t expect an HI to see through duh drywall and find this crack and mold.
But man, you shouldn’t be recommending dumb azz incompetent bullshtt to buyers/sellers such as, ‘raise and slope the grade’ etc… and by doing that, most leaky basements can be solved/fixed. sheesh loool

If this rug wasn’t pulled back, quite a few would look/inspect these basements and say/claim, nope, no water intrusion problems etc… when there ARE!
We understand you don’t want to be intrusive, or can’t etc… but again, some shouldn’t be yapping, recommending dogshttt, shouldn’t be saying no water intrusion evidence because… quite a few homeowners/buyers take-that and think, ‘Oh good, no leaky basement problems’

Back to that BOWED WALL in inspection report…
inspector says, seal cracks above grade, does NOT say anything about hand digging, waterproofing and proper backfill to lessen/reduce the weight acting upon the wall OR, the need to seal/waterproof the BELOW grade cracks in the stupid block wall to, I dunno, stop water, insects etc from entering.
Unbiased opinion on… ----Basement Wall Damage, scroll down
http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dpwes/publications/marineclay.htm Bowed basement walls

Homeowners don’t know what, who to friggin believe!
HI says one thing, inside system company says another, Fairfax and Bubba says another

HI…again, says seal/silicone cracks.
Fairfax says, dig the sob out, waterproof it and backfill correctly.
Someone is wrong, and way off and, somebody is right, gee whizzers, i wonder who

Whether that basement wall is bowed in, cracked, due to… expansive soil and-or, concrete slab(s) and-or, underground tree roots etc, it needs to be dug out, waterproofed

PHOTO 36… ‘No cracks presently showing’ !!! Really!

At least he recommends NOT to mud jack duh slabs, give him a cookie fer dat.

Yeah yeah, the guy likely could be a dang good HI but WHY make those statements/remarks on this subject. I see he’s a nachi guy, apparently so, he prolly is good eh… just using the sample report to maybe help some others

You seriously come on here to actually badmouth and degrade another inspector publicly.
Mark you seem to be very knowledgeable doing foundations, but you spend more time on this site badmouthing everyone else or saying how stupid they are etc…
Frankly I am tired of reading the crap.
If you are going to be a professional you should act like one.

What’s wrong is, wrong, period.

Professional? Really?

Then get this subject RIGHT, fc n a man.

Some of you are fkg over homeowners, how professional is that!

Eh, as I said, he prolly is a good HI, just wrong on wtf I pointed out, god looooolllll

Ya know, you guys make statements, assumptions, then cry like a mfr when some of those are wrong. Why not man up and say, oops.

Just because a home inspector may be wrong on a thing or 2 or 20 on this subject, doesn’t mean they totally suck as an inspector, doesn’t mean they’re bad people, doesn’t mean I myself wouldn’t hire them!

Some here, as everywhere else, too thin skinned.
Some are actually members of the new world order of the pu zz I fi cation of humanity.

I’m not always right, not always on cue and I continue to learn n see shtt in this business so, why can’t some home inspectors learn/see something new.

Oh, and my bad mouthing has been for the most part, on inside system shtbbal companies

Umm, how about badmouthing former home inspectors… is that ok?

Just like the other link/HI, this former HI, now home improvement radio show host, am quite certain they both mean well. Problem on this subject is they’re a bit off on some shtt and are NOT helping, only adding more confusion.
This former HI says, ‘99% of wet basements can be SOLVED by following his drainage etc guidelines’… so sorry, wrong.

99% huh? Ri… DIKK,ulous.

He says, ’ Wet basements are one of life’s biggest headaches, yet waterproofing is generally EASY to accomplish’…?
How’s that? By raising and sloping the grade? looooooooool

Photos of raising and sloped grade and extended downspout extension and plastic underground that did NOT seal/waterproof the actual problems, wake up

See the exterior cracks and other exterior openings aka, existing defects?

That, those, were WHY… the stupid az basement leaked!

That homeowner/photos, had recently bought the house. Another seller who kicked the can down the road.

2 videos, same house, leaky basement… raised grade where the leak was, where the crack was.
Outside http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFr3a687EVI

Inside basement, see crack etc

Near end of video, notice control joint crack. This one is under the front porch.
Many of these, leak. Not this one.
Homeowners been in this house 30+ years, said they have never leaked where control joint crack is. They asked me dumb azz if I thought they should have it waterproofed.
Umm, I said, if you’ve been here 30+ and it has never leaked then, I would NOT.
Of course, it’s their house, they could do what they want.
Some thin hairline cracks in poured walls do not penetrate through the wall to the outside… said some.

Some home inspectors understand this subject better than others and provide their clients with better information than others… somehow, that’s my fault huh.

99% of wet basements solved by farting around with the grade, gutters huh? Yeah sure.

Video, another house, leaky basement. Someone previously played around with the crack on the inside, and on the outside. On the outside they did a half azzd job and backfilled with the same soil, mistake man. You think your saving money by doing this dumb shtt.
Oh, and the grade is again high and up against UNPROTECTED bricks and mortar joints, some have deteriorated… real smart, solve 99% of wet basements huh?

We’ll waterproof the entire wall or, all 4 walls but jesus man, when a homeowner only has 1 crack (that leaks) in a poured wall then THAT is all they need done.

For those who don’t watch the stupid videos or look at the photos then you won’t learn shttt, go ahead and get sued or lose that inspection fee, fc it.

Hi Mark,

Just want to add my two cents to the conversation. There are ‘inside systems’ that work to seal basement leaks. Epoxy and resin injection systems have been in use on dams, buildings, and water treatment plants for years, and the systems work. I’ve been on projects in Manhattan where you’d literally see a small stream flowing into the basement, and the only option is injection. The concrete bathtub around the new World Trade Center complex was sealed with an ‘inside’ injection system. Every plaza deck (basement area beneath the city sidewalk) in Manhattan is sealed leak-free with inside systems. As with anything, the method works like a charm when properly performed by qualified technicians. With that said, it is a fair statement that when you don’t have qualified techs doing a proper job, the effort will go south in a hurry.

So to be fair, a properly specified, designed, and installed injection system will seal a basement leak. And a blanket statement implying that all inside injection systems don’t work and the only way to fix leaks is to excavate is, in my opinion, flat out wrong and egregiously misleading for the consumer. I find that the best thing to do when faced with a wet basement is to give the client an unbiased view of the repair options available, without preference for or prejudice against any specific technology. To do so as an inspector would quite frankly constitute a conflict of interest.

For the record, I am not associated with any injection company or product in any way, nor am I friends with or have relatives that own or work for an injection contractor.

I’ve never said or told homeowners they couldn’t try to inject poured wall cracks, or that they never work. Have pointed out the best means is all. About 50% of ALL poured wall crack injections I have seen with my 2 eyeballs have… re–leaked. 37 years.
Tell them all the time, if that’s what they want, find and hire someone else.

Technical note, crack repair, epoxy injection (have posted this numerous times)http://wri.usace.army.mil/remr/technical_notes/concrete/CS-MR-3-9.pdf

–Applications and Limitations… has been used successfully on bridges, dams etc… “However, unless the crack is dormant(or the CAUSE of the cracking is REMOVED, thereby making the crack dormant) it will probably recur…”

And lots of luck getting the pinheads back out to fixing the crack(s) correctly aka, honoring their supposed lifetime guarantees.

By the way, THEY are the ones who tell people all kinds of BOGUS bulllshtt, read up on it if you have not.

“The cause of the cracking removed”…
Shtt like this, underground tree root caused crack, leaky basement
Point is, doing an injection NEVER ‘removes’ ANY root or other possible causes of some cracks including concrete slabs that lean/settle against a wall or a porch footing or lateral soil pressure etc

Yes, lets give every homeowner the entire-story, not just the bullshttt.

No inside injection ‘removes’ any exterior causes.

Then, sometimes there are OTHER exterior openings that injections cannot ‘get to’, seal… as in many photos posted and in this video between 1:10 and 1:40… water enters these other exterior openings as well so again, best to seal all this shtt up on the outside.
Video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7jprh5f2p8

Dealing with interior system companies…? Hmmm, believe all of them huh
Listen to this homeowner… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLzdt6wkS24

What happens when the interior bubbleheads do an injection on crack you see inside (photos 2, 3, 4) …and there are ‘other exterior’ openings/ seam in photos 7, 8? The homeowner would still/continue to leak because these terds would have only injected that one crack
Click any photo to enlarge the photo

There’s a lot more to this-subject than saying, it’s fine and dandy to inject poured wall cracks because many cracks have been successfully done to bridges, dams etc.
This subject isn’t about bridges, dams as this homeowner found out…

So all due respect Darren, but you haven’t read enough of my shttt and your statement that I only recommend excavation and I am misleading and wrong is just more Nachi bullshtt.
Just because you have seen successful injections made to poured wall cracks is hardly any news and I again have said the same and posted the link. You have seen many successful injections, I have seen about 50% success rate in this-----biz.

And if you are saying it’s BEST to always pay for injections to poured wall cracks then sir, it’s you who is misleading peeps.

And there are quite a few home inspectors who do, who ALWAYS recommend 1 or 2 companies to unknowing homeowners who ONLY do injections, hmmmm, fair? Crock of shtt is what it is. Part of the problem on/with this subject are, some home inspectors, some Nachi home inspectors at that.

Quite a few home inspectors try telling my azz or John McEwen or Capizzo etc, what’s supposedly best for homeowners on this subject, Same goes for some engineers, realtors etc yet, we have no complaints, no lawsuits and you guys don’t DO the work, don’t take the risks, don’t guarantee the jobs, hmmm, Easy to talk when not much to lose, kind of like being a Monday morning quarterback eh.

Maybe Freelee duh Banana Girl has the answers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsybL_QekqE

Just curious…
Are these methods you speak of “readily available” and “at a reasonable cost” to a majority of homeowners nationwide (urban and rural)?

I await your reply.

One Nachi inspector after another chimes in every now and then and thinks they know/understand more than someone like my azz, on this subject. loool

It’s a crock of bulllshttt. It’s… impossssssssible!

Then to have some Nachi inspectors shtt on me, call me wrong, misleading etc etc, just more pure bulllshttt.

Try reading more posts, not just 1.

Try watching the videos and look at the photos, fkers man, maybe they’d truly learn something but, sees many won’t… they ‘think’ they know/seen it all on this subject.

Say again, we/I AIN’T (like that) trying to impress anyone such as, on the job, in the videos.
Nope, don’t wear the same pretty little work shirts, nope.
Nope, don’t have and never will have 3–5+ crews going at once.
Don’t have 3,4 trucks will our company name on 'em all.
I don’t bring a briefcase etc on estimates nor do I get all prettied up for any estimate, no, sowy.
My nephew ‘does’ the videos and posts them, titles them, even though I sure would like to change a thing or two on the titles,captions, he HAS to learn, so be it.
Don’t have a college education, nope.
Do have a big nose and balding melon though.
And I do understand this fkg subject as well as anyone on this fkg planet.

Injections to POURED wall cracks, GOOD luck.

I’m just curious how Darren relates “commercial repairs” to a “residential structure”. I am sure the average homeowner could never afford the techniques (even if they do work). I am also sure that the average contractor outside of a heavily populated area would never bother to invest in training and materials for such techniques. The average residential market could never support such an investment.

On the other hand, the techniques that you describe are universally available to most everyone!

Appreciate it Jeff.

There ARE ‘some’ good, very good Nachi inspectors so, don’t let this old man shtt on the good Nachi guys/gals.

Umm Darren maybe doesn’t understand this entire subject. Like, trusting most of what comes out of theirs mouths (inside system co’s) when peeps call them for an estimate.

Like the ‘supposed’ lifetimes guarantees.

And like I’ve said and seen for 37 years, about 50% of all poured wall cracks that were previously injected that, my azz has seen, have re-leaked but I guess that doesn’t mean anything to some huh

$250 - $300 per crack with 50% chance it will re-leak at some point vs digging from exterior with cost of ? }

Must admit I have noticed not all clients have gold bars shooting out of their azzez.:slight_smile:

Ut oh. You say $250–300 per crack.

We often see $500–650 per crack.

Another Nachi member who loves the interior system bone heads.

Too much in your area.

Whom are you refering to as I said no such thing though you can be a jackazz all you want by inferring and being paranoid that we are all against you got milk?]

Now can you answer my question as you said the wrong way price.What about the doing it your way price ???..please no dancing I am tired ] and already have a partner. got engaged last week ].:stuck_out_tongue:

Not just in this area, Bob… maybe do a bit more research on most companies who do injections, throughout the U S.

Shtt, loool, $250–300! And that’s what many get too, a cheap O bullsht job.

Bob, have said many times how much jobs cost, apparently you see only what you want.

DUH ummm, depends on the SIZE of the job, Bob.

If it’s one crack and let’s say, the footing/tiles are 7’ deep, then it’ll cost $ 1,275…then it depends on distance. If someone lives 100 miles from my azz and from the guy I use to pick up the soil, it’ll cost $50–75 more, yep.

When I had my dump trk, I would do the same size job (1 crack) for $925 but umm, had to sell it, not enough jobs left over from the inside system frauds for little shtts like me to pay the bills.

Duh umm Bob, let’s see, injections are done by 1 guy, takes around 1 hour if they stretch it out. And what kind of supplies/material are needed Bob? Not much.

And labor to do injections? lool Real hard Bob.

Versus, hand digging the mfr out 6 or 7’ deep, 2 guys, although I’ve done quite a few by myself.
That type of labor versus standing in basement and injecting a crack?

$325 to haul soil away.

$100 ish for peas stone delivery.

Mastic, hydraulic cement, visqueen etc.

Oh, and I don’t pay my guys cheap, such as $10 or 15 an hour.
They get minimum of $200 day.

No complaints Bob versus, how many complaints on the inside system chumps huh.

Now, bigger jobs… let’s say 1 wall 30’ long and 6’ deep.

That’s a 1 day job, cost would be $3,000… exterior.

Bob, how much you think most inside system co’s would charge for 1 wall and a sump pump… huh? That’s IF the homeowner could ‘talk the company’ OUT of their a full perimeter system looool.
They’ll pay as much for an inside shttball water DIVERTING system Bob but go ahead and make up some other numbers if you wish, like the $250 for injections.

Ya know, you home inspectors have quite a bit of nerve yapping about COSTS.
What about some of you who badmouth the shttt out of other inspectors who charge LESS than you or less than some other HI’s, I have read the many posts here, please!

How come experience etc matters to you home inspectors but not on basement waterproofing, exterior versus interior or injections etc

Furthermore Bob, when you need a new roof or need an electrician etc, do you go with the LOWEST, cheapest company/bid?

Mark, you sound defensive, and it wasn’t my intention to put you there. If you avoid conflicts of interest, and try to educate the client with all of the available repair technologies in an unbiased manner, then you and I are on the same page. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with an injection firm that provided a lifetime guaranty. That would be foolish, given the nature of most substructures. If I ever heard that from someone, it would be a red flag.

Regarding the price/benefit comparison of one technology over the other, that is a value judgement to be made only by the client. I will educate them the best I can, and be there to answer questions, but unless they hire and pay me to design a solution, I don’t design the solution.

Defensive? Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

You said I am flat out wrong and misleading people, loool. what a fk!

Really man?

37 years of doing this, duhhh, educating?

You don’t think YOU’VE dealt with one huh, well, many tell homeowners they give a dumb azz lying mfg lifetime warranty, fk n a. God!

PAY you to, design a system… for them? Really!!!

Fc that!

They should, find an honest experienced waterproofing contarctor who knows EXACTLY what they need, duhhh! Omfgggg, hilarious!

Pay a PE or home inspector to… design a ‘system’ for them, llllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

Tell ya, ONLY if… a homeowner could not find an honest experienced contractor.
ONLY if, all they could find were, inside system companies.

So Darren, your an expert on basement waterproofing, foundation repair?

“That’s a 1 day job, cost would be $3,000… exterior.”

That is extremely inexpensive for excavating out a 30 foot wall, sealing it, and backfilling. I just wrapped up the last inspection on a 64 foot wall job with two jogs in it and two outside corners, and the low bidder was at $12.5k. No sumps, no tile work. Just excavation, prep, membranes, polyiso board, and gravel backfill. Rake finish. There was a bit of hand digging around the utility lines, but nothing crazy.

Thanks for the reply…:):):slight_smile:

Where did I state that you were wrong. I went back and checked and couldn’t find it.

And as a licensed engineer I get paid rather handsomely for my engineering work for my clients, including inspections, writing bid specs and contract management. That’s not something I or any other engineer would offer out for free. And hopefully you’re charging your clients for the sum total of your efforts as well, not just for operating the equipment. But from your pricing, you honestly seem on the low end. You should charge more.