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Wally is a good guy, I like him and his energy

Agreed I recommend everyone read his book. I would read one of yours to Russ. You should print one :wink:

I’m wring a new book titled “The Desperate Home Inspector- Tips for Survival When All Other Gimmicks Fail”

If this is a book that is basically an overview of the inspection process, what benefit can an inspector receive? According to Wally, it’s a must read for the buyer, seller or agent.

…and welcome to the public forum Billy.


“The Desperate Real Estate Agent: How to hire the best home inspector to pass any real estate deal.”

Biggest waste of money ever! Don’t buy it. Don’t read it! You will find no secrets in it.

It isn’t for home inspectors. I can’t tell who the target audience was meant to be, but it’s not home inspectors.

I agree.

Good to know Juan. I just heard a lot of good things about Wally and thought he might have some good info in there. I was about to buy it to see what the hype was about. He posted about the book on FB so I thought I would share it.

For the price, I thought what the heck. Well half way through it, I realized I was sold useless ramblings.

Wally is a genius.

Then why did you post this thread and recommend everyone read it ?
So you don’t have to ?..lol

4 of his 6 inspectors are Certified Master Inspectors: http://www.gohomepro.com/team/index.html The book isn’t for home inspectors, it is targeted to his local real estate agents.

lol Yep I’m so cheap I had to hear about it first. :wink: No I just seen a lot of good things about Wally and thought anything he puts out must be top notch. I suppose if your game is going after realtors then this would be a good book to read… Nick/Juan would that be a good assumption?

No…It is not for home inspectors at all. It is a book designed to make Wally’s company look good.

Got it.

It’s kind of what CMIs have with this: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f55/every-certified-master-inspector-now-has-their-own-custom-safe-home-book-consumers-and-search-engine-optimization-purposes-86576/ only ours has a softer touch.

Perhaps Nick should write his own book with the REA’s in mind. Most are clueless when it comes to suggesting home inspectors to their clients. They are the ones who complain about home inspectors, so why do they keep suggesting the cheap, non-alarmists?

Actually, it is the REA’s that are walking the tight rope.

Here ya go: https://www.nachi.org/agentduty.htm

Through many inspections I have created inspection templates. One template for each general catagory (hvac, roof, electric, etc). With each catagory I have developed a list of items that are inspected, and the issues that you look for as you move through your inspection. I have set these template up in my inspection software. It makes for a smooth inspection process that is the same ever time. I have thought about packaging and selling my templates. Maybe charge $9.99 for all of them. This is something that I could have really used when I got started.

Does anyone think that this is something that new Inspector could use and would buy?

Thanks! Check out my Website at www.bthomeinspections.com

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