Home Inspection Software

Does anyone have an older version of software that I could purchase? I have a version of Legacy that is not compatible with my Office 2007. I dont have the funds to buy a new version …

I don’t think there’s any inspection software that’s resellable. Send me an email at Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com and I’ll give you a license so you can use our software for 3 months, then if you want to keep using it I’ll work out a payment plan for you.

Another helping hand from “good ol’ Dominic”. Very commendable, Dom

Thanks Remi. Howard is already set up and ready to go.

Howard, you are on your way to the best software possible. With Dom at the helm to help, you can’t go wrong, believe me. :slight_smile:

What Marcel said. :slight_smile: If you need help let me know.

Hey Howard. Don’t go cheap on your software, it’s probably your most important tool in your bag. HIP and HG will serve you well. Check out HG Services for a full range of included products to run your business (no need to piece mill). Here’s the latest newsletter. Good luck!

Free Reports at Report Host when you sign up also. Been there since 2004 So glad I have now all the copies i need to turn into the State of Florida.

does anyone know about xlpro express?? is it any good. got it off ebay for 60 dollars. still selling for 295 on other sites