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When it comes to Building Maintenance & Inspections …
I know it’s a conflict of interest… to Inspect and then charge to carry out the buildings maintenance … But I seen it advertised on a Home Inspection Business van , offering both . So , I see nothing wrong with doing something like a Home Maintenance audit , or a Home Preventative maintenance Inspection , with focus on issues that need correcting to maintain the the home properly
So… is it fine to advertise both , offer both as a separate service? I’ve done building Maintenance for many years , something I good at , and pride myself at doing a very good job. Also been into renovations for years too , and the same applies.
Thanx in advance

@rpierce5 - I would check to see if your state has any guidelines on this. In WA, it is a clearly defined conflict of interest to keep an inspector from not calling out defects and then offering to fix them. There is a 2 year moratorium on this practice. Personally, I make good money staying busy with inspections. I would not want to get back to working on things in the field.
Just because a vehicle has it signed, does not necessarily make it legally OK. Proceed with caution on this. Every state surely has differences.

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Thank you Jordan !
Appreciate your response to my questions.
I am just trying to get my HI business going , jumping through all the hoops and paying all the fees . I guess best to focus on my bread and butter side of the business… I presently work for a small business that does Reno’s & Building / Property Maintenance , and plan to do side work for friends & word of mouth … maybe I’m devalued myself this way ? But just trying to survive as I reinvent myself…

Jordan I believe it’s a one year moratorium- unless it changed recently!? Like you I don’t want to return to the tool bags and truck full of tools!

As a matter of fact - you are 100% correct Mark…"(8) Not for one year after completion of the inspection repair, replace, or upgrade for compensation components or systems on any building inspected - This section applies to the inspector’s firm and other employees or principals of that firm or affiliated firms.". I guess I was just making sure I do not get my hands dirty! :crazy_face:

YES! A lot of people want me to work on their houses after they move in- luckily a year is long enough so they forget! :wink:



I also work for realtors doing maintenance and repairs on listed homes, Some times the repairs are off of a home inspection report. And no I do not do repairs on homes that I have inspected. :smiley:


Read the InterNACHI COE. If you want to offer maintenance work on a home you did NOT inspect, different story…


I was doing that type of work long before becoming a HI. That is what inspired me to become a HI

Same here. I do maintenance/repairs for realtors/engineers/doctors who have over 25 properties here on the island, and continue to purchase more. However, I won’t do it on the buildings I’ve inspected, until a year from the date of inspection has passed. :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the inputs !
Greatly appreciated!

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Tomorrows work for me is to make some repairs from an inspection report done by another home inspector. I do not know who the HI is that did the inspection, But I may do some snooping and find out. I will check his work and see if he missed anything. :shushing_face:


I think I’ll pass

Thanx Jordan! Appreciate and understand where you are coming from.