Home Inspections For VA Funded Homes

I was told today, by someone who is in the closing phase of the home they are buying, that their agent said that VA funded homes can only be inspected by CREIA certified inspectors. Is that right?


I’m not in CA, but I know that to be BS!

VA is Federal.

Creia is an Inspection Association for California inspectors.

Someone is BS’ing you.

I think it is right. But some more cause can be found behind this.

Thanks Jeffery. That’s what it smell like to me. Just want to be sure.


Total B.S. Some agent is trying to steer their sucker client toward their favorite patty-cake inspector.

I bet that over half of the inspection business accross the U.S. goes to basic, cheap, non-alarmist home inspectors, such as these. IMO, professional RE home sales associations have it backwards, and no longer prefer to offer the best for their clients. Sad how home sales are suffering because of used home salespeople offering sub-par properties to unsuspecting home buyers.

Just think of the millions of jobs that would be created, and the increase in the size of the economy if home inspections by InterNACHI home inspectors where mandated in every home sale in every state.

Politicians have it all backwards, too.

The Chief Patty Cake Inspector in Kansas is Molly Barnes a.k.a Jeff Barnes, Nick’s Buddy… :roll:

And now he is “executive chairman” of the KHIRB. Now it is a total of 6 board members; two of which are appraisers. Mr. Barnes has been very successful in keeping professional home inspectors off the board.

Thanks for the info