Home inspector charged that much for only a few hours' work???


Nick, I Love your Picasso story !!!
I have something similar I use, but the meaning is the same…


Damm Skippy

What about Picasso drawing? I have a great story about how I acquired the rights to use it.

Please share :slight_smile:


I didn’t just get the rights to the sketch, I got the exclusive rights to it.

Wanna take a guess how?

you inspected the "rights Holders: home for Free?



Researched, found nobody else possessed these rights, and applied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, I retract. I knew the story, but never looked at the sketch. You drew it yourself, Nick.

Who else would think to clearly define that anatomically correct bosom of the lady? :|.)

:slight_smile: Correct.

You went to school with him?:mrgreen:

Nick, in the story it says HE drew the lady the picture ?


Reminds me of the story of the old plumber that went to house where the plumbing was making a banging noise. Listened for awhile then grabbed a wrench and banged on the pipe. Turned to the homeowner and said “That’s a $100”. The homeowner was stunned. “$100 for banging on a pipe!. That’s ridiculous!” he exclaimed. the old plumber just smiles and said, “No, it was $15 for banging on the pipe. It was $85 for knowing where to hit it”.
Sell your value, not your time.

I used that story numerous times.

Didn’t always work though.


Was thinking the same thing