Home inspector course questions

Wanting to become a home inspector here in SW Florida.
Looking for some pros and cons of the online course from InterNACHI and doing a local class by Ed Klopfer.

i just did mine with internachi and all the i have to say is good things about them . go with internachi and don’t look back .

I would say that internachis course is as good as any other. It will get you the rough idea. Plus, membership has its privileges.

Could you elaborate on the "privileges " please?

Ive been reading through the mounds of info! Definitely a lot of information available.

Definitely a lot of information! Just looking to make the best career decision.


Most of that is in the “Members Only” section. :wink:

InterNACHI course is the best for on-line comprehension. Ed Klopfer is an excellent classroom environment with an excellent instructor. On-line vs. Classroom environment has been and most likely always will be dependant on the individual seeking the education. Personally, I believe in classroom to enter the industry and on-line when you have a solid foundation to build on. Simple terminology can mislead you if you do not have a good foundation of principles and practices.
Either way, Good Luck!

Thank you for your response. This was the kind of answers I was looking for.