Home inspector explains water intrusion in basement

:-k Umm ok, plz explain…

:15…EFFERvescence on block wall…lol ](*,)

:25 he recommends having a DRAINAGE company come in lol #-o

Well, INCOMPETENT inspectors like this can certainly screw some homeowners, see it all the time here in MI…no, no Nachi members but other HI’s are absolutely smoking to much grass out of duh Easter Bunny’s bask—IT, got that?

Eh, what ELSE is this and some-other HI’s lacking on other subjects.
Why the fc would ya ‘do’ a vid when ya aren’t close to being an expert on what the fc subject yer yappin about!@!@! Oh, well that’s because some HI’s THINK they know it all, uh huh. Not talking about Nachi, least no Nachi member here in MI…got milk? Give this HI some milk please.

Can’t Find My Way Home/Blind Faith

maybe the drainage company guy can give him the definition of effervescence

I see that word spelled wrong all the time. I guess people are just spelling it how they are pronouncing it :slight_smile:

Perhaps you could provide him with the correct spelling? Help him out like many have helped you. :mrgreen:

actually that is the correct spelling…just sayin…

He did however spell his company name wrong. It is Tip Top not Tip Tip. Just saying. :slight_smile:

Some might not know water is the strongest solvent in the world .

Look at the grand canyon this was done one drop at a time .
It can eat the blocks away in a home.

Ah. I see. It’s just the wrong word.