Home inspector finds $26,000 hidden inside Sun City home, returns it to rightful owner


It’s good to read about someone doing the right thing for a change! Kudos to Don.


Had something similar happen a few years back. The homeowner was an antique car guy. His garage/Shop was bigger than the home I was inspecting. Selling because they were older and needed to move back to be close to family in their twilight years.

I was inspecting the attic of the Shop and there was one of those Naugahyde bank bags near the attic hatch, it was partially open and I glanced inside. I could tell there were bunches (as in lots and lots) of $100 bills.
I left it where it was for the time being. The seller was all but moved and staying in a fifth wheel trailer out back and set to move in a couple of days. I asked him if may have something stored or forgot about in the attic of his shop. The old guy said…Oh I’ll bet there might be some old car titles…Well I told him that maybe there was some titles in the bag but there might be more. I retrieved the bag and gave it to him…Never did cross my mind to keep it, my mother raised me better than that.


I found a big bag of money/coins, etc. in an attic once early in my career and probably blew it. I told the agent (listing and buyer agent same guy) and am about 99% sure he pocketed it. He was a sleazy type that I had never seen before or since. I should have made an effort to reach out to the owner but at least I can sleep at night.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Identified a $250,000.00 Stieff Bear doing a church inspection for a small parish. The owner of the antique was destitute, no family, and living in the church with 3 other individuals including the owner that owned 5 churches. Used them for paper storage…

Which model? Vintage Teddy Bears: Prices, Makers & How the Teddy Bear Got Its Name
( Steiff )

Morning, Bryce.
Sorry. I misquoted the price. I was writing a report and booking inspection and added a zero. It should have been $25,000.00 I beg your pardon.
As with any antique, a decade can increase or decrease the value of the position.
This is the model. It was in perfect condition. Antiques Roadshow | Appraisal: Steiff White Bear, ca. 1905 | Season 25 | Episode 3 | PBS

Never confide in an agent! Even worse a dual agency sleazebag. Wonder who he’s looking out for!

Oh yeah… I know that now. I was a newbie! :slight_smile: