Home Inspector License

People, do not get piss at me but the home inspector license in Florida is a joke. They put it into action to make 3 million dollars plus for the State of Florida in a bad economy. You know what else good luck to all who think they can make a living on home inspections in this State. :twisted: It is a mess!

Curious minds want to know…What brought on this insight?!

I know its a joke, its been a joke since day one. I don’t think anyone is arguing that. I do believe in about 3-4 years the tide will turn and many will get out of the job. I call it a job because thats the way many treat it.

smile, Alfred:D

It is no different now than it was before licensing…except now, we know who the “Jokers” are and don’t worry, half of them will be gone in 2 years!:slight_smile:

Hey Alfried,

Are you venting or did something unusual happen?

It wasn’t the newly licensed guy in PSL that went to a roof inspection without a ladder?