Home inspector marketing is an accelerator.

In a fishbowl industry, like ours, **marketing is an accelerator **(that might be a good or bad thing):

  • If you provide lousy service… marketing will speed up your demise, so don’t do any.
  • If you provide great service… marketing will help more of your fellow citizens learn of and avail themselves of your good works.

The direction you are going (up or down) is not up to InterNACHI and doesn’t depend on marketing… it is up to you. Marketing simply gets you where you were going anyway… it just gets you there a whole lot faster.

how can i market the lousy service of some of my competitors? I would love to speed that up…

I refer my worst clients to my worst competitors all the time.

I always quote higher prices than the other guy, but I do not get the inspections either. It is all about price. Should be that way with closing costs and RE commissions. But home buyers are not crying about those things.