home inspector missed

I can’t get a mortgage because the home inspector missed the fact that the sewer and the drink water are to close. IS the home inspector liable and what should I do know…

How would the home inspector have missed this, these are usually underground and not able to be seen?

If it is sewer shouldn’t matter

No, that’s way out of the scope of a home inspection. Sounds like someone caught it. Maybe the well and septic inspector?

No, the sewer inspector is. If you did not have a septic or well inspection done, then it is your fault; unless you was not told to have the septic or the well inspected and it was listed in real estate, than it is the real estate broker’s fault.

Can you post your pre inspection agreement? Did you read what was to be included?

You can get a mortgage just not for that property.

And exactly WHY is this the Home Inspectors Fault?