Home inspector needed in South Africa

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From: Johan (Sipho) Coetzee - BCX - Infrastructure Services
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Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 12:24 AM
Subject: Home Inspector needed - South Africa

Can you please provide me the name and contact details of a NACHI accredited home inspector based in South Africa in the Vaal Triangle area. A partner and I bought a property in Parys (Free State - South Africa) and we had a house built on it for speculation purposes. The builder is about to hand over the house and neither my partner or myself has proper building experience to be able to do the final inspection properly.

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If he is willing to pay travel and cost, I would be happy to go and inspect a property.

Send me the round trip flight ticket and two days pay, and I’ll be there for these gentlemen.

Why can’t Jane find a qualified home inspector. She’s training HI’s out there.