Home Inspector Pro 3.8 Released with TREC 7-3 Template

Hi Guys,

If you’re using Home Inspector Pro PLEASE make sure to update to HIP 3.8 so you’re TREC 7-3 compliant. Make sure to upload your new template to mobile too! If you want to keep using your TREC 7-2 template there’s steps here: http://help.homeinspectorpro.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/27/0/how-to-convert-an-existing-trec-7-2-template-to-trec-7-3 that you can use to convert it to TREC 7-3. Just make sure the date of your inspection is 1/1/14 or beyond so you can see the full template changes (the intro and footer, etc won’t change unless you’re after that date).