Home Inspector Pro Announces the First Chromebook Home Inspection App

NOW IN BETA!!! Home Inspector Pro Mobile for Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are extremely cheap ($150 for a low end model). There’s also cool touch screen tablets such as the Chromebook Flip for only $249: https://store.google.com/product/asus_chromebook_flip?utm_source=en-ha-na-us-sem&utm_medium=desktop&utm_content=plas&utm_campaign=AsusCB?gl=us&gclid=Cj0KEQjw44exBRCu8vfS_bPEtNoBEiQACrt009d-r-4wHC24RNG01NfWEOfcyxw_9YqQVHpqYeuGccwaAkcf8P8HAQ

Home Inspector Pro is the first inspection software to release a Chromebook App for home inspectors! Download it from the app store and give the beta version a spin. We’re looking for input from everyone to help on any needed improvements.

Check out the Home Inspector Pro Mobile beta on a Chromebook by going to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/home-inspector-pro-mobile/aaoagfhckpfjkjicnpmafcndfmmfocfh?hl=en-US&gl=US

My other inspector just started using HIP and loves it. He may like it for that tablet too, bigger than his phone. Thanks

No problem. I have the ASUS C201 with 4 gigs of ram and love it. I use it on my flights.

What is the advantage of a chrome book over a regular tablet…Cameras?

Chromebook or Chrome tablet is running the Chrome OS and runs HIP Mobile. A normal Windows tablet runs the full version if the software. Both normally have full sized keyboards which some guys have wanted as well. Chromebooks are dirt cheap too.

OK but which is better …a regular Android tablet or a Chromebook ?

Are the cameras on Chromebooks better than say a Galaxy tab ? and what about processors ?

All saving a couple bucks aside.

Chromebooks come in all shapes and sizes. The Chromebook Pixel: https://store.google.com/product/chromebook_pixel_2015 has an i7 processor with 16 gigs of ram but isn’t cheap! It just depends on what your needs are.

Does this mean there is no longer a need for a laptop?

Just buy a chromebook and the app? I assume you would also need external disk space (cloud, flash drives, or hard drives)?

Currently the Chromebook is running the mobile version of our software as it’s not a full blown operating system. It is running Linux under the hood which we used to run Home Inspector Pro on so we’re also exploring other options. For now you still need to upload to the cloud to a full Windows/Mac for customizing templates, stationery, generating reports, etc. There are of course Windows laptops and tablets that run the full version you can generate directly on.

Can you explain how it would feel different from a android tablet or is everything exactly the same speed and otherwise?

As I mentioned before, it depends on which device you get. You can get a $150 laptop version (which isn’t available on Android) or a $1500 laptop version (also not available). There’s also similar specs in between. Chromebooks run the Chrome browser.

OK so all things being equal one is not a better choice than the other.

Correct, it’s just about choice here. Freedom for guys to choose different devices. The Chromebooks would be preferred over Android or iPad for guys that definitely want a keyboard. Otherwise with tablets you’d have to compare the specs.

My thinking here is a standard laptop might be better to use Dragon with as no network connection is needed and you can if desired print on site however for hitting the cloud and actually using the mobile version which is tailor made for instance in a situation with multiple inspectors doing a merge Chromebook is preferred.

Still wondering here what about pictures ] ? USB import needed ]?

Remember, Chromebooks are NOT Windows. I doubt there’s Dragon for Chromebooks but there are other voice recognition apps you can use.

The Home Inspector Pro Mobile Chromebook version is now public. We’ve had really good responses from the guys testing it over the last few weeks.

No idea in hell why guys are using chromebook but options are always good.

Most, because they want to use a keyboard but don’t want to purchase full Windows laptops for a lot more $$. They also boot up instantly and fully integrate with everything Google and have 10+ hour battery life.

Options are good, right?

OK guys that are text centric but do not use voice typing or have need to be fully mobile because chrome is a laptop that requires a surface to sit no cell version ] on with few pictures no integrated camera ] and do not like desktop version till uploading to client…One hell of a work around to avoid being totally mobile or desktop orientated but again options are great.