Home Inspector Pro Glossary Feature Video

I had a few guys on here ask for this, so here you go. Check out this new tutorial covering the awesome Integrated Glossary feature in Home Inspector Pro 4! http://youtu.be/H6XNvIOUaeg

I love it.

Glossary is a nice feature, how about a reference section for common illustrations like GFCI, air gaps, grading, ect.

very nice

David, we’re looking at adding images to the popup glossary soon as well.


I think this is the best upgrade you have come up with. Ima gona like this;-)

I got most of my glossary definitions from here…

Nick gave us permission to integrate the full InterNACHI glossary into HIP so have at it!

Worked on that some tonight :slight_smile:

I’m using 4.0.7 and can’t wait for the next update of goodies. Thank you for actively listening and implementing the features your users are requesting. The software gets better with each update. I’m now doing on site data entry, reporting, and review with my customer. Next breakthough I hope is with photo management. That is where I spend most of my time now.

Ooo, just added a very cool feature for photo management on mobile. Do you want me to send you the beta? Bob was the only one whose tested it so far as I was just testing it out the last few days internally.