Home Inspector Pro Holiday Sale - $200 Off!


How many hours are you spending doing reports every night?

It’s time to get your nights and weekends back while creating the best-looking reports on the market.

Until Christmas Day, Home Inspector Pro is $200 OFF! Use Coupon code 2016HOLIDAYSALE . You can also pay over 6 months with no finance costs!

Start inserting video into your reports. Home Inspector Pro is the ONLY software that can embed video directly into a PDF and HTML version of your report. Video makes reports easier to understand and shortens them. Instead of taking multiple photos of a crawl space issue you can use a single video. Instead of trying to describe a noise an oven vent or garbage disposal is making, or the flow rate of a leak, you can show your clients with a video. Read below for screenshots of some of the greatest new features and testimonials. Visit our Sample Report page to view actual reports from other inspectors.

Screenshot of a PDF Report with Video. View the Sample Report page to see the videos in action.

One of Home Inspector Pro’s latest and greatest new features is the popup glossary. You can shorten your report by several pages and give your clients more information at the same time. Instead of detailing out what TPRV, CSST, AFCI, GFCI, etc your client can hover their mouse over the word (or acronym) and a definition pops up. This allows you to give even more detail than before, in less space! If you want to expand your reports even more, start adding maintenance tips to words!

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There will be a copy of Home Inspector Pro given away today at the Christmas party as well!

can I get the update for 200 off?

Use coupon code HIPSTAR to save $50 off the upgrade through Christmas. Anyone that updates now will get HIP 5 free as well.

I just purchased HIP during Black Friday. Will I be able to get HIP 5 for free as well?

Yes you definitely will get HIP 5 free.

There’s only a little over 48 hours left to save $200 off Home Inspector Pro!! The holiday sale ends at midnight on the 1st!