Home Inspector Pro Holiday Sale 2012!

HOLIDAY SALE Until 12/25/12!

Home Inspector Pro for Windows, Mac & Android is on sale!

Get $200 off ($649 - $200 off = $449 total)! Use coupon code 2012HOLIDAY200.

You can even get 6 months same as cash financing to spread out your payments through 2013!

Purchase HIP Mobile for Android and get another $50 off!

We have converters from InspectVue, 3D & HomeGauge to make migrating easier. http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Do you have converters for Matrix or 3 Hole Punch ?
My 3 Hole Punch comes included with a stack of data entry punch cards and full set of books to learn Cobalt.
Beat that H.I.P.

Any deals for those of us that “missed the boat” and haven’t upgraded to 3.0 yet? :-;;

Yes Bob, we do have a 3 hole punch converter. Just fax the pages to us.

Jeffrey, email me and I’ll send you a $50 off coupon code for the upgrade.

Hey Dom you can send me that coupon as well please as I want to keep the windows based hip for home and get android for the road!

Use HOLIDAYUPGRADE to get $50 off the HIP 3 upgrade if you didn’t upgrade last November!

Mobile is almost better than desktop the way it is going.

It’s getting there. There’s another update coming out in a few hours.

Always teasing Dom.

By the way the Galaxy Camera may not be available unless you sign a 2 year contract and rumor has it no wifi to make sure they can shaft you on data.

Not a single review on their site though they have been out since Friday.

Been wanting this camera for mobile very bad as you know.

I had a Galaxy III android show up at my front door wanting a home what is it going to cost me above my first born to get 3 on my mobil:shock: I am just not sure I can do on a mobil what I do on a desk top

Yes you can and I will make a video soon to prove it.

Not doubting it can be done just doubting I can do it I use HIP different than most I make a separate document for estimating the cost of repairs and include it in every report and I don’t know how that would work on a mobil. I am in desperate need to decrease report time

Me to and the invention of this report camera might save my business.

Awesome! Thanks Dom!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Dom your the Man!

Save your business? Your so busy you don’t sleep! You mean it’ll save your sanity. Big difference :mrgreen:

Yeah yeah yeah whatever.
Seriously the mobile HIP is the future for my business .You got it where I need it .
You are my buddy for life with the updates in Android.
Not doing mobile would limit my business .
OK your right I never sleep.

Special Black Friday Sale, an extra $25 off just to kick off our Holiday Sale. Makes HIP only $425 today!

Does this offer apply to upgrades as well?

Upgrades are $50 off, so $199 total. Coupon code HOLIDAYUPGRADE.