Home Inspector Pro Release Migration Tool For InspectVue and a Super Discount!

Current InterNACHI InspectVue users save $150 until 12/1/08!!

We’ve had many inspectors over the past few years who’ve wanted to switch to Home Inspector Pro but didn’t want to spend the time rewriting all the custom narratives they’ve built up over time. If you’re currently using InspectVue Inspection Software and looking to switch, we’ve completed a library converter that will allow you to convert your narratives from InspectVue to a Home Inspector Pro template. First, make sure you have Home Inspector Pro installed (the converter works with the demo version of Home Inspector Pro too). Then download the converter by clicking here: Home Inspector Library Converter

We are currently working on converters from other software programs as well.

If you have any questions regarding this software please post on our message board (the link is above), contact Live Help, email us at Support@HomeInspectorPro.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1-888-750-4777.

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Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

That’s great Nick…
I bought HIP this AM and missed the $150 discount, timing is everything:(
Oh well it’s still a value and now on to the conversion and the end to subscription fees ($250 a year) and never saw the long anticipated Version 5:twisted:

Hey John,

I’ll add another 2 months free of our report upload service for you to make up for it :smiley:


No need Dom… Happy to be on board!!

John…goes too show what a stand-up man Dominic is, incredible actually, as far as I’m concerned.

Always going out of his way to help others…!!

You guys may not even know the half of it. He is great, always helping and giving. My respect and admiration for Dominic goes up constantly with every email or call we exchange. He is the BEST in the industry.