Home Inspector Pro Software Users in TEXAS

I have been trying to teach myself how to use this software over the past few weeks. I have the basic concept down of how it works, its seems very plain. I am looking for a good Texas template using HIP software. If your a Texas inspector reading this and use the HIP software can you help me with some good sample templates that you use?

Cody just hit open template while in the program and then scroll down to the bottom to see a few of the Texas templates pre loaded.

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Cody, there is only one format that inspectors can use in Texas, well technically 2 right now. TREC 7A-1 and 7-2. Both are in HIP. There is very little you can do as far as changes without violating TREC regulations. You can add areas to the optional section, and I’m discussing with another inspector right now a rule which might allow you to add new areas in other sections after the existing ones are covered. But you can’t add section introductions are anything between the section title and each item.

There’s tons of narratives in the template. Feel free to open up your template and another in the program or one of the dozens shared on our message boards and copy other narratives from the other template to yours if you want.

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Mind well the information provided by Dominic.

Don’t mess with the TREC 7A-1 or 7-2 required templates. I would use the 7-2 as that will likely become the only approved template over the next months or so. TREC is allowing both to be used for the time being.

You need to review very closely the TREC Rules that very specifically state what you can and can’t do with the template.

I’ve worked with Dominic as well as several other Texas HIs to ensure that we are all interpreting the TREC Rules properly for what can and can’t be done with the templates.

TREC has and will fine you for being “inventive”. In fact it appears they are tightening up on HIs and items related to the reports over this past year.

I know you are still working to get your license and I am again amazed that your education provider has not given you the “required” basics for report generation and the TREC Rules document that spells all that out.

Just be careful, but make sure you do what is right and what is required.

You don’t want to overlook and do something silly and get slapped for same.


Nolan Kienitz

Thanks guys. I think I might have been misunderstood. I do understand the rules regarding TREC and template changes. I understand you cant change the order of the form or the template itself and HIP does a good job of keeping you from making illegal changes. Basically what I was asking was working with comments such as spacing information/suggestions or boilerplates, fonts, making specific words bold, just making it look more clean and not so bundled up. I was just wanting to see other sample reports with the texas template using HIP to help me get an idea of how inspectors using HIP were writing comments and how it looked. I’ll keep working with it…thanks.

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Hi Cody,

What you were asking made more sense after the email I got this morning. I responded back to you. Let me know if you have any more questions.

The main problem with the TREC form is that it is very difficult to use the actual mandated form DURING the inspection since the order and items do not match well with how a home inspector actually does a home inspection. This leads to most Texas home inspectors having to spend a lot of time reentering data in their office late at night. Hopefully someday the form will change to a more “inspector-friendly” format…but as long as the realtors hold the reins this will be difficult.


Hope you have had time to go through the novel of information I sent you privately.

I’m sure Dominic’s information is quite helpful as well.


You may have some heartburn with the TREC template layout, but it is what it is. Each HI works their own method for gathering data.

The software application I use can be set up for data input “as I inspect” a property and it puts the data in the appropriate chapter and topic.

Absolutely not any issue.

I’m not sure if Dominic’s current release of HIP can do that or not, but I would almost guess that it could as well. He is very sensitive to having such options available.

I use Whisper Solutions … Whisper Reporter application.


Nolan E. Kienitz

I agree with Nolan, Whisper Reporter is used by a lot of Texas HI’s and it can be setup for a user-configurable “Work View” to input data as you work. I do not know any inspector that utilizes that feature however.

It seems like an easy software work around to me…

The software I currently use is set up to enter the data in then field in the order I perform the Inspection (for the most part).

Then when I go to View/Print the report it is the order that follows my state SOP ( for the most part).

The order of data entry and of view print are easily editable/changeable by me.

Mike is talking about more than order. He’s referring to inspecting room by room but then converting that data into a system report.

So I’m a Texas HIP user and I purchased the InterNACHI inspection narrative package for HIP but I can’t seem to get the comments to open in a TREC form. Any idea how to do this?

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I would like to see a response here as well as im looking to purchase the same