Home inspector pro south florida template

Does anyone have a home inspector pro template specific to south florida single family homes, they are willing to post here or hip’s message forum? Thanks

Dennis, there are dozens of templates posted on the Home Inspector Pro message board that will work for you. The default should actually cover everything you need, just click Edit Template and delete any items like basement that you might not have (or uncheck them on Report Settings->Section Colors & Print Order). Otherwise I’d post this on the HIP board too :wink: We have more inspectors in Florida than any other state so there’s plenty out there.

Thanks. Im playing with it now. It seems like im going to need it sooner than later.

Sounds good Dennis. If you need anything, let me know!

I have not seen one template for Florida!

We have more users in Florida than any other state but most of the guys use the default template as it covers everything needed for Florida. You can ask on our message boards if anyone will share theirs as there’s dozens there already or just go through some of our users websites in Florida to get some ideas on any modifications you might need. For the most part you have a set of warm & cold climate templates and then Texas!

Jose I will send you the one I made. I went to the HIP site and didnt see one either. LOL. But as responsive as Dom is I think he might have delivered one to my house if needed. LOL. Give me till saturday . Feel free to ask and i will tell you what I learned

Thanks Curtis. You also might want to post the request directly on our message boards or contact some of our users in Florida who are outside of competitive range if you really one one from a user in Florida. I know several of the guys have shared Florida templates with each other but I don’t want to speak for them if they’re willing to share with everyone.

Dom,I asked on the message board and they directed me to the message board. LOL. It was the best thing that didn’t happen. I sat with my wife and after several hours and some more gray we did our own and in the end it was very easy and a great way to learn the program. One tip is SAVE your inspection before you try to go back to a previous area.

Customizing a template to fit your personal style is definitely one of the best way to learn about how the program works and it’s flexibility. I’m glad you got one setup you like! I always recommend saving every 15 minutes or after each section like you said. You never know when you’ll have a power outage or a computer crash on you.

Curtis, your are defenitly right about Dominics customer service. Thanks