Home Inspector Pro - Texas (TREC) Version Testers Needed

We are looking for a few Windows and Mac inspectors to test out the new TREC template for Home Inspector Pro - http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com . The first 5 Texas inspectors willing to test out the program and give us some feedback will receive the program for free. If we get more than 5 we will give them a $150 NACHI discount rather than the normal $100 NACHI discount. This offer stands until the end of the month.

The comments in the TREC template are more extensive than the samples posted on our website as Home Inspector Pro can now handle full narrative comments. The program was originally designed by 12 inspectors and is incredibly easy to use (I hope you’ll agree). You can even upload reports to the internet and dispatch an email from within the program.

Email me at Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com to receive a link for the new version that includes the TREC template. If you have any questions please email me, use the Live Help button on the website, or call me directly at 909-434-5031.

Due to the fact that the 5 inspectors responded within a few hours on Friday we decided to expand this offer. We already accepted a few above the 5 and we are going to give 10 more inspectors a free copy of the Texas version of our software in exchange for letting us know what you think of our new Texas version. 5 must be Windows users and 5 must be Mac users. Respond to me here, or via email at Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com if you’re interested.