Home Inspector Regulation - Nearing the final hurdle?

I’ve posted this in the private Canadian section, but as this affects all inspectors in Ontario, even those who may not be InterNACHI members I’ll post here too.

I just received the latest draft from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services for the proposal paper for regulating the profession in Ontario.

Apart from a couple of typos and juxtaposition words, the document looks as though it is ready to submit to the next phase.

The salient points that are going to affect inspectors are:

  1. There should be a transition provision for those who are already in the business.
  2. A peer-review process was suggested for how associations will map their current standards/requirements to the new system.
  3. The transition process and method will recognize current inspectors
  4. When legislation is announced, a clear plan will be put in place to stop inspectors joining an association during the interim period to avoid the entry to practice requirements.
  5. Mandatory Insurance will be required. The amount of per claim and aggregate is yet to be decided
  6. Neither the College of Trades nor RECO will be the regulatory authority, nor will any existing Association, although any DAA could rely on the Association frameworks to assist in reducing costs.

The most critical part of the document comes towards the end.

“The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is strengthening consumer protection for home buyers and sellers by consulting on qualifications for home inspectors. The panel’s discussion and feedback received from other stakeholders will inform the Ministry’s work as it moves forward with government approvals. The first step is to seek approval to create a legislative framework that would set out authority for the government to regulate home inspectors. If approved, the ministry aims to introduce legislation in Spring 2016. If the Bill passes and legislation is put in place, MGCS will consult on developing the detailed regulatory requirements.”

The AlbertaACHI/OntarioACHI CCHI program aligns 100% with the recommendations for the regulation of Home Inspectors in Ontario. We have analysed all other certifications and designations and we firmly believe it is the only one that does so.

People will no doubt draw their own conclusions from this.

My personal predictions:

  • CSA A770 standard published in September 2015
    (trials are apparently underway now)

  • Ontario Home Inspector Regulation announced April/May 2016
    (no transitions allowed after this date. You are either Certified at this point or you have to run the full gammit of exams/peer-reviews etc.)

  • Ontario Home Inspector Regulation enforced: January 2018
    (providing a perceived positive for an early Ontario election)

Time will tell.

Very interesting Thanks Len for the update.