Home inspector says what..... AGAIN? When is this crap going to end

First of all, you don’t need a moisture meter to tell ya water has been entering this basement

Then he says, “improve site drainage”, lolooooollll they say this crap over n over, it doesn’t FIX anything

Then he says, “put some Drylok paint on… it’ll give you an additional barrier…”

Why don’t you simply SKIP the games, the incompetent BS, buyers getting scr_wed left and right when sellers and buyers are told to play with the grade or slap on some Drylok paint, NONSENSE baby!

Instead of wasting time with moisture meter and yapping about drainage and paint, tell the seller to take a hose and run water near–against the foundation wall while the HI inspects rest of basement/house, pretty damn easy, IF, if IF you want to get to the TRUTH as to why the basement leaks, why the wall/corner looks like it does, come on, this shttt been going on forever.

And realtors could do this shtt BEFORE an HI gets over there, thought process is wrong on leaky basements (the grade, water management, paint etc pffftttt) , why can’t realtors help or have sellers run a water test with a friggin hose to show whether or not water is entering THROUGH exterior crack, cracked parging and-or through-around-under the basement window, is this toooooo damn much to ask??? Is this that difficult? lolol Yeah I guess it is for the weak-minded

To make matters worse, we have many scamming sobs like this guy, listen to the BS… Mt Clemens too, lolollll another piece of crap trying to prey o homeowners, IDIIIIIIIOT!

…'pushing up from BOTTOM…ONE wall, put partial inside system in less than $10,000… again ONE wall, hahahahahhaaaa Scccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccam!!!
Says NOTHING about water that FIRST ENTERS through exterior cracks in foundation walls and then is SEEN, inside, coming onto basement floor at–along—where the bottom of the wall meets the floor!!!

Also nothing about a possible blockage in lateral line, zip, nada ======= SCAM.


more of the same, this guy gets a level out for us… ‘Have water in the basement?’, ‘A leaky foundation?’, ‘The problem might be coming from landscaping issues?’ looolloollllollll

Video of one of our jobs, sellers raised and sloped the grade, was at least 1’ HIGH (:50…4 bricks UP and sloped down towards the street sheesh)

Video, ‘has water in basement’, ‘has leaky foundation’, ‘The PROBLEM is not landscaping issues’.

If there were NO foundation wall cracks, cracked parging, deteriorated rod holes etc then the stupid basement won’t leak whether your grade is sloped towards the stupid house or not. YES, homeowners should have the KNOT head grade sloped away, but that’s mainly because having the grade sloped away will help a little in keeping the SOIL–against-foundation-wall, the top 3’ ish ft, from getting as saturated if grade wasn’t sloped away… it’ll help on some rains, not all. On those longer heavier rains the soil is going to get saturated regardless, put your time and focus whatever brain cells ya have left on HOW-WHY the water is allowed to get in, find the pathway(s)… then fix them correctly, but for some STUPID azz reason many don’t wanna do this.

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Gee willikers, Mr. Wilson!

more WATER MANAGEMENT games, did this crap solve the leaky basement? pffttt

Just add more dirt!!! lol

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I just report on condition. I don’t suggest a repair. I know the Realtor is more than willing to play that game, I’m not playing!

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