Home inspector shot, robbed in broad daylight

DeKalb County Police said a home inspector was shot following a robbery in broad daylight on Monday in Stone Mountain.


Stay safe - don’t be a victim - go armed.

Yep ! Glock 9mm

either my Kimber ultra compact 45 or my wifes 9mm S&W shield. It sucks trying to conceal in the heat. I think Florida is trying to get open carry again.

HOW I WOULD LOVE THAT. Being able to carry a full size gun comfortably would be amazing.

Have you seen that concealed carry belt mount holster? It looks like a cell phone case.

I’ve got one for my Glock 26.

That’s the one!

I’ve been wearing mine between my skin and my pants over my wallet side. I’ve gotten so used to it being there that I feel like it’s part of me.

Yep but it is so damn hot here.

I am one of those types that figure if a person sees another with a gun in plain view they just might think twice.

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