Home Inspector Shot

Just a reminder for to be safe out there.
This morning I just received a crime alert stating that a Home Inspector
in El Dorado Hills, Calif was shot while inspecting a vacant home.
Report says shot came from wooded area near home.
Stable condition, medical was on scene.

Unknown as to person or company involved.

Thought I would post & share will everyone.


Inspector Shot In Buttocks In El Dorado County

Woman Injured Near Garden Valley Home, Officials Say

POSTED: 11:55 am PDT April 21, 2010
UPDATED: 12:22 pm PDT April 21, 2010


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**EL DORADO COUNTY, Calif. – **An inspector was shot in the buttocks Wednesday as she approached a rural El Dorado County home, officials said.
El Dorado County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Kevin House said at about 11 a.m., the woman went to a home off Andy Wolf Road in the Garden Valley community for an inspection. As she went to her car to get some items, the woman said she heard a pop, a loud bang and felt a burning sensation in her left buttock. House said the woman then looked down and saw blood.
The inspector fled in her car and called 911.
There are no suspects in custody, House said.
The woman’s condition is unknown.

For those who were around during the last “wave” of foreclosures in the 90’s. I inspected some of those in maybe 97/98.

I came into the home… before I could say “Bob’s your uncle” I saw someone running at me with what appeared something in his hand. An arm bar later and I was OK. Easy self defense BTW.
Scared the crud out of me, turns out the guys lost his home and moved back in…

Despite all the crud we see I’m still convinced the banks have done a better job this time around.

Although I still give a loud “Hello!” when entering a vacant home, I’ve only gotten a couple responses in the last year or so.

Definitely not a professional hit.

Everyone knows that, in California, if you want to put a bullet in the head of a home inspector, you have to aim for the buttocks of the real estate agent.

Waaay to easy to respond to… Even something as simple as “In some states it wouldn’t matter which end ya shot as one is up the other” Would easily suffice…

As I said… waaay to easy :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking that maybe it was the listing agent. Any suspects yet?:wink:

I am about 25 min. from Los Angeles, and I get calls for Inspections in that area. I took an inspection in Compton, Ca. and when I was on the roof I heard some gun shots, boy I tell you I hit the roof so quick I damm near fell off. I quickly continued the inspection from the inside of the property. Some crazy guy can pick you off the roof just for fun. Beware!

If she got shot in the *** and was still able to sit in the car ,she must be OK.:slight_smile:

Hahaha I guess *** is a bad word,*** ***-

If you’re going to get shot anywhere, I guess that’s the place to get it!