Home Inspector stats

In my area there are not very many home inspectors, and I have tried to find out how many they do a year and I cant. Is it possible to land 5 HI a week if you are well known and advertise well, no matter where your location is, within a half hour radius? and how far will you drive for an inspection? I am not sure what my city population is ,but my city and the cities around me the realitors are very busy

I know this sounds unbelievable, but you can have as many inspection jobs as you want.

Your marketing controls how much your phone rings.

Very true.

I am in a rural area, so my drives might be as long as a hour in the winter months. Summer months I get enough work within a half hour to keep me busy.

Population can be found by a google search (your location and three large surrounding areas)
Norwalk 16,856
Cleveland 390,000 (1 hour drive)
Perrysburg 21,000 (1 hour drive)
Akron 200,000 (1 hour drive)

You can further do a search at your recorders office to find out how many real estate transactions took place last year, last month, last quarter. this can tell you how many inspections you could have had the chance to complete.

According to Zillow there are currently
181 homes for sale in Norwalk, Ohio (285 sold last year)
2889 homes for sale in Akron, Ohio (2297 sold last year)
7982 homes in Cleveland, Ohio (13000 sold last year)

Most marketing people will state that a 10% capture rate is a success.
say only 10% of home sales had an inspection.
1585 home inspections performed.
If you were able to capture 10% of that market that would be 155 inspections. 3 inspections per week.

The opportunity may be there it just needs to be seized.