Home inspector thinks he has the answer to, Why did my basement leak when it never...

…did before? Oh dear, here we go looool

First let me ask, how much hands-on experience does he have waterproofing basements? Just asking the question.

3:00 his plastic cup is your house on drugs, I mean water. Didn’t know our homes float, makes it look like your homes are in the middle of an ocean, see no SOIL or roots etc around/under the cup err, foundation walls and floor.

Can Bubba start doing videos on how to be a great drummer or how to perform heart surgery or how to become C. Jenner, huh? One would look like an incompetent dork trying to appear like a good drummer or surgeon or Missy Jenner, I wouldn’t do anything like that beeeecause I am not Keith Moon or or a surgeon or a switch-a-ma-roo, got that?

Anyways, …basements begin to leak when they never have before because of quite a few possibilities/reasons, none of which he mentions!
For instance, a crack just occurred in foundation wall or the parging recently cracked or widened or there already was a hairline existing crack in wall but it widened a little and now it allows water in basement or, looool, 1+ rod holes recently deteriorated enough to allow water in basement or one or more openings along or above grade recently occurred or widened/deteriorated enough such as cracks in bricks or mortar joints or openings around basement windows, doors (caulking etc came loose recently) or, homeowner recently had a new central air unit installed and the dummy who installed it didn’t caulk/seal around the lines that enter the house or one of more openings in the chimney just occurred or widened enough and now water can enter and come out the chimney chute door, stuff like that!

Could also be that a clog etc just occurred in the lateral line and one needs to have it snaked etc or, some dipstick poured cement down floor drain and it’s backing up or the city pumping station/lines got overwhelmed or your sump pump just took a crap or the drain tiles that lead to–fro from sump pit need to be snaked…and so on…plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, hydrostatic pressure…really?

Am quite certain this Hm inspector is a nice guy and prolly does do a good job… inspecting homes but come on! On this subject and spending 5 minutes with a plastic cup etc is nonsense, pure nonsense on this subject.

Advice to most home inspectors is, stay OFF this subject, don’t do incompetent videos or articles on a subject you know little if anything about, stick with what you do best. You think your helping homeowners but i know, you are not, your confusing them even more with bull****.

Fellow Canadian Johnny Mac could have enlightened the home inspector had he done some homework but no, just get on you tubieee with a plastic cup and let loose