Home inspector training

I am looking into the training provided by the “American Home Inspection Training Institute”. Has anyone had any experience with this organization that could give me an opinion? Thanks

Good School:

On-line or in person- check state guidelines before taking any course!

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If you are looking for home training I wouldn’t buy the videos from a company that bills itself " a better school of home inspection " All they show is a bunch of defects such as " here is a picture of loose slate on a roof " and stuff like that. No explanations. ITA and ASHI have very good videos with detailed explanations of most inspection related topics. The ASHI training manual is also very informative. The ITA videos are the most reasonably priced

I took their course 4 years ago and found it to be very good. Not only did they present the material very well, they also gave a multitude of hints for being a successful inspector. Bill Ross was my instructor.

Rick Hinck
Heads Up Home Inspections, Inc.

I would like to thank all of you for your responses they were very helpful. Thank you Mr. Merrell for the links in your post!
I have worked the trades for some time now and currently work for a major airplane manufacturer in Seattle however, if you don’t directly build the airplanes your job is in question. The facilities maintenance people are being slashed and outsourced. Home Inspections will be my new career with only me as the boss.

Thanks again!