Home Inspector way...

…of taking a sauna :shock:
This attic had no ventilation at all. I popped my head in there and thought I was back in Finland getting ready for a sauna.
Not quite as hot as I like mine (add about 70 degrees F), but just about as humid.
Ah… memories… :smiley:

They are close to 140 in Chicago this time of year.

The temperature on the roof deck was close to 130 when I pointed my cheap laser thermometer at it. The ambient temperature will vary.
We’ve been fortunate to not have hit the triple digit yet outside, although I hear we will this week-end…

Last weeks roof deck

This is why I am not a fan of insulation straight against the roof deck. One side of your insulation is 149 degrees and the cooling system is trying to keep the other at 80.

…and if it’s asphalt shingles, it voids the warranty, and the roof deck may suffer advanced decay before anyone realizes there’s a roof leak.

Agreed, although the GAF warranty does allow their fiberglass shingles to be installed on an unvented roof deck.